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caeliusReviewed by Shelly

If you’ve not read any of the previous stories in this series, I wouldn’t start with this one. This is read much better in sequence. It’s amazing what small things will distract me. In my case it’s thongs because everyone wears them and heroines whose names are have 4 letters and end in ‘a’. I’m trying to shake it off but it keeps popping up.

This 5th book in the Fueled by Lust series has 2 separate stories – one is an m/f romance while the other is m/m. Caelius Meron is one of the Insedi warriors who traveled to earth to find his mate. All of the warriors work for the Heat Seekers Male Revue in one capacity or another – easy access to plentiful women. Too bad for Caelius, because it’s all for naught when he meets Rhia Brennan in his cooking class. Rhia’s 22 years older than Caelius, and is rightfully hesitant to enter into any kind of a relationship with someone so young.

The other story is about one of the Insedi medical doctors, Kallon Aceso, who’s been in love with Ulixes Dionysus for a couple of books now and their get together is part of this installment. Their story was actually more intriguing to me than Caelius and Rhia’s. Kallon is a healer; we’ve seen him in action in previous stories. He’s also got a thing for Ulixes. His attraction I understood because hey, why not? But what I didn’t understand was his easy forgiveness of Ulixes’ part in the genocide of the Insedi women. Ulixes was the right hand man and head of security to Basilius – the crazy nutter who killed all of the Insedi women for some stupid, insane, nonsensical reason. How do you so easily forgive someone for that? I mean he killed mothers, sisters, wives; every single female on their planet died.

Then there’s Ulixes who’s been granted citizenship by the Emperior. I was willing to let that go without an explanation that made sense, but I expected more explanation behind that decision in this story. And I definitely expected more explanation in how Kallon’s mate could be someone who had a hand in killing half of Insedi’s population and the only means of continuing their race – and he was not only okay with that he was gung-ho happy. But the sex was good between them, so maybe I’m asking for too much.

Back to Caelius and Rhia. Like the other stories, their romance happens quickly. This story had the potential to draw out their romance and not have their sexual encounter happen in the first meeting, but that’s not really what happened. The sex happened quickly and there was even a reasonable roadblock in their mating that made me turn the pages faster.

After chasing… make that stalking Caelius from California to Texas, I thought Rhia acted like a 20-year-old groupie. I was really disappointed in that, by the way, because following someone with the intent of spying on him/her without his/her knowledge or permission is never, ever cute. She had many chances to fess up and I started to really not like her and then I never came back from that. I thought Caelius acted very true to his age and that surprised me because he had the other Insedi warriors to seek advise from, but didn’t.

Overall, this was an okay read but I still want more plot driven characters and if the sexy times that come out of that are good, I’m all the better for it. If you’re a fan of the series, I think you’ll enjoy this one. And as a bonus for me – I think Prater’s setting up a possibility for some m/m/f action down the line. Maxim’s story is up next – can’t wait because he’s a hard nut to crack (pun intended).

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Rating: C

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by Celeste Prater
Release Date: October 9, 2014
Publisher: Siren


  1. Sorry, you got confused on the Ulixes/Kallon portion of the story. Sometimes it’s best to go back and start from the beginning of a series to remember past instances. I know you read tons of books, so I’m sure you didn’t have the time. In Book 1 Drusus and Book 4 Lucien’s book, it was discussed that Ulixes wasn’t part of the genocide, so no, Ulixes didn’t kill any of the Insedi. There was nothing for Kallon to forgive. Basilius had lied to everyone about what he’d done. Ulixes was a ground troop that had no part of the poisoning of the water by Basilius and his prior second-in-command. Basilius favored his air brigade only, so Ulixes never fought one single Insedi. In book 1, Ulixes saved Drusus and Severus after realizing what Basilius had done and was invited back to live on Earth. He formed a tight friendship with Lucien in Book 4 and Lucien recognized how wronged Ulixes had been on his planet, thereby granting him citizenship to live freely on Insedivertus. Rhia and Caelius didn’t have sex the first time they met. It was much later. Did you forget about the classes they shared and the many times he went to see her at the pastry shop? Rhia went to California to speak with Caelius because of the strange phone call he made, not to stalk him. She only followed him in secret after seeing him mist as she was approaching him after he left the show. She wanted to find out what he was and couldn’t reveal herself to him. I’m confused that you missed all of that. Oh, well, it is what it is. I usually don’t go this length to defend a novel because I firmly believe everyone has the right to their opinion (which I’m choosing to exercise here as well), but if left unsaid, other readers of this review may come away scratching their heads and think that I may have completely lost my mind and forgot my own story lines from the full series. Thanks for taking the time to review and give your personal feedback.

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