Review: What To Do With A Bad Boy by Marie Harte

what to do with a bad boyReviewed by Shelly

I know exactly what I wanted to do with that bad boy. This is Marie Harte’s 4th story in the McCauley Brothers series and tells the story of the oldest brother, Mike. After reading about all the other brothers, Mike was the last brother, whose story seemed like it would be the most interesting as he’s a widower with a 6 year old son to raise. I’m a sucker for sappy stories and this one seemed promising, but what I didn’t expect would be that unrelenting comparison of Mike’s deceased wife and Delilah. I normally wouldn’t have a problem with a little bit of angst but between all the other things that pissed me off about this storyline and that – I. JUST. COULDN’T.

About Delilah ‘Del’ Webster. There’s so much I had trouble with here but I’m going to try to stay civil in my discourse. I don’t mind looking like everyone else. I might have the same eye color, skin color and hair color as someone else but the combination on me is as different as the DNA running through me. So when I read about someone who goes out of their way to look as different from everyone else, then I begin to question everything about them. Because really, what’s the real motivation behind that? And that’s what I did with Del with the arm tattoos, face piercings, and her chosen mechanic profession, who clearly goes out of her way to not fall into the stereotype of her gender but just came across as unoriginal and not really all that special.

She’s got the tough exterior and potty mouth (because nothing screams I’m different than you than a foul mouth) but when push comes to shove, she pouts. I understand that she grew up in a house with only a mechanic father (Liam) and tattoo artist brother (J.T.) – but does that guarantee that you’re unable to utter a single sentence without cursing? That got old so quickly for me. The icing on the cake was her nickname for Mike – ‘MC’. You might think that was his initials but nope, it’s for ‘monster c*ck’ and was not limited to either sweet nothings in the ear or bedroom.

About Michael ‘Mike’ McCauley: Mike’s not any better. His head is shoved so far up his own posterior he can’t see day from night. He’s raising a kid who everybody says is good but can’t help being a card-shark (courtesy of his Uncle Brody) and is already dropping the F-Bomb at the dinner table. Gives me tingles they’re such a wholesome family.

Then there’s the constant comparing Del to his saint of a dead wife, Lea, and purposefully going out with the new neighbor to make Del a little jealous – what’s not to like there? A lot for this reader. I’m not a fan when the hero (or heroine) uses other people for their own gain. So when Mike asked out the new neighbor Grace, not because he liked her or was being neighborly, but because of his ‘conflicted feelings’ for Del, his douchebag status reach a new high. Mike, Del, Vanessa, Maddie and Addy were all such jerks to Grace, who I guess was supposed to be some kind of a man-stealing-passive-aggressive-manipulator-Lea-lookalike with the world’s worse kid.

It might seem like I didn’t like anyone but I’ll tell you who I liked – I liked Grace, the new neighbor who Mike used and Del didn’t like, because Beth wanted her for Mike. She’s just the new neighbor trying to fit into the neighborhood. There was no rationale or even evidence that she’s some kind of femme fatale.

There was a lot I wanted to like in this story because it’s been hit or miss for me with this series and I really wanted this one to hit it out of the ballpark. But there was too much that didn’t work for me. If you’ve followed the series and have liked everything so far, this one might be the one for you.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: D+/C-

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What To Do With a Bad Boy
by Marie Harte
Release Date: November 4, 2014
Publisher: Sourcebooks Casablanca

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