Review: Facade – A Vampire Love Story by R.M. Webb

facade vampireReviewed by Shelly

I read very few vampire themed stories and I read this one because the blurb sounded pretty interesting. As I write this review, I’m still trying to figure out if I liked this story or not. It’s a dark tale and the heroine interested me in this way – I wondered when her redemption would be. When will I ever see a clear distinction between good and not-good? And most important, when is the romance going to start?

Claire Jacoby only remembers the last seven years. In that time, she’s lived her life as, first, a ballerina and after an injury, she’s been complacent as the pianist accompanying the dancers at the same studio where she danced. She’s built a life for herself that seems happy and stable until one day while sitting at the same café she’s been visiting for the last 7 years, a stranger approaches her. William Foley knows Claire.

Feeling a sense of familiarity with William, Claire immediately starts asking questions to which William gives cryptic answers. Over the next few days, things start changing for Claire. She keeps asking and William keeps answering, then disappearing. Here’s where I started getting angsty. William’s involvement with Claire starts with some blood exchange that Claire didn’t question too much and easily accepted, not only the exchange, but also its results.

There are a few things I want to comment on specifically, but I don’t want to give any spoilers so instead I’ll just tell you how I felt. Like I said, this is dark and there’s hardly any romance to speak of. As Claire learns more about the vampires and the culture, I got sucked in but I didn’t like what I was getting. The vampires here remind me of the vampires in Anne Rice’s stories. Humans are easily manipulated, stupid and disposable. The impunity with which the vampires killed humans was quite amazing and to know that humans are their food source, it didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

I never liked Claire. She put her only 2 friends, who happen to be human, at risk. I understand that she’s been putting on a façade for the last 7 years because she doesn’t remember anything before, but I didn’t understand her rationale for keeping to herself so much. Actually she didn’t have any kind of rationale other than the memory thing, but why not build new memories? Then there’s her reaction to William, which didn’t seem plausible to me because I didn’t understand the explanation for that innate sense of familiarity.

Claire’s relationship with the ‘exiles’ – a group of underground dwellers that the vampires exiled to live apart from humans and vampires was interesting. These ‘exiles’ are monsters that just wanted to kill all humans, but like with the vampires, humans seem to be their food source. During their time of exile, they turned to cannibalism and basically set their species back on the evolutionary chain. So back to why kill your food source?

Then I didn’t understand Claire’s trusting nature – she’s so easily accepting of William, his nature and the other vampires – even the powers that she gradually displays. What there is about William is very little. I don’t know if he’s telling the truth or not.

It wasn’t until the last 5% of the story that a few things clicked into place for me; however by then, the way the vampires don’t/can’t seem to do anything but feed their lust for human blood, I was just ready for the gore to be over. The carnage was spectacular. This story reminded me why I don’t normally enjoy a lot of vampire tales. If you’re looking for romance, which is primarily what I like, this might not be the one. But if you’re looking for a vampire tale with the classic themes then this is the one for you.

Happy Reading folks!

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Facade: A Vampire Love Story
by R.M. Webb
Release Date: September 23, 2014

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