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magic on the huntReviewed by Jen

I feel like I absolutely flew through this book. The reason: basically non-stop action. While the last installment kind of dragged, this sixth book in the Allie Beckstrom series barely gives you a moment to breathe between the trials and tribulations of the main characters. The book actually starts with a well-deserved basking in the Allie and Zayvion reunion, but it only lasts for a very short while.  In virtually no time, they’re brought to their knees and the hits just keep on coming.

A lot builds on what we have learned about the original Soul Compliments, Isabelle and Leander, as well as the volatile history of Sedra and Mikhail. (If you don’t know what I am talking about, this story is NOT the place to jump into the series.  These books really build on one another and you can’t enjoy it much if you are totally lost.) We got much of that foundation during Magic at the Gate and Devon Monk was really setting the stage for us here. We learn quickly the identity of the shadow man is who has been skulking around –and his mission is nothing I would I have figured out on my own.

So Allie, Zay, Shame and Terric are trying to hunt him down, but it’s only the tip of the iceberg. They’re also after Dane (Sedra’s old bodyguard) who has now tried to kill Allie twice –and successfully killed her dad. Oh! And speaking of her dad, this plot is progressing a bit.  I think Allie and Daniel are becoming a bit more sympathetic to one another. But frankly, I want more. I want to know the details about how he was split in the last book. I want to know HOW he became such a bastard (though I have my theories.) I want him to realize and regret what a horrible parent –what a horrible human– he is… and manifest some way other than in Allie’s head.

The Soul Compliment thing is a very big theme here.  And there are a lot of dark rumblings about what that connection could mean for Allie and Zayvion. Let me be clear. These two must stay together. Even though Zay kind of irked me in a couple of scenes in this book by overriding Allie, I still love him. This couple hits my happy buttons and I believe in their love.

One other thing of note, Monk is really good with her twists and turns. I am never really sure who the good guys and bad guys are. It’s a little frustrating, but largely impressive in how she manages to keep surprising me.

A good installment for existing fans of the series.

Rating: B

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Magic on the Hunt
by Devon Monk
Release Date: April 5, 2011
Publisher: Roc


  1. Keeping the good and bad guys separate is pretty important, so I feel like that bit of ambiguity would bug me as well. I love your review, though, and it does seem like an interesting book/series.

    Plus, I’m currently wearing that outfit! LOL

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