Review: Magic Without Mercy by Devon Monk

Magic_without_Mercy.inddReviewed by Jen

This book kicks ass. It is action packed. It’s full of danger. And it sets the stage spectacularly for the series finale. If you have been enough of a fan of these stories to make it to book 8, there is no way it won’t get your blood pumping.

It’s a transformative book for Allie. She and her friends are on the run and for the first time, she is stepping in to a leadership position. Maybe it’s the time she has spent leading the hounds; maybe it’s her unique way of looking at things; or her dad’s knowledge… it’s probably all that and a dozen other things, but it feels like a natural progression. Suddenly, her teachers and her friends are following her as the Authority closes in and magic continues to devolve.

Poor Davy is suffering the effects of the magic infection, but I think that is what gives the threat a very human face. I’ve grown to really care about this kid and his unwavering loyalty to Allie. It’s touching to see how she works so valiantly to return the favor.  One of the many cool things about this series is that even while it throws down all of these great action sequences, the characters are really what makes the stories shine.

Take Shame and Terric. Who doesn’t feel something for these two? Their relationship is so complex and emotionally volatile. But they are like fireworks. They burn so bright, it’s easy to forget that they are combustible.  I have no idea where things are going for them. I just know I have to see it.

Of course, the relationship between Allie and Zay is one of the few pure and sure things in this dark world. I wish things could be so clear with her dad. The past few books have been painting him very differently. Almost like a human being. But I need some kind of way for the author to make me see the whole picture of him.  I have faith that the next book will do that.

The climax here is huge. And we’re definitely on the precipice of the Big Showdown. I hate to see this series end, but I can’t wait to see how it will happen.

Rating: B+

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Magic Without Mercy
by Devon Monk
Release Date: April 3, 2012
Publisher: Roc

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