Review: Midnight Sins by Lora Leigh

midnight sinsReviewed by Jaimie

Midnight Sins is the first book in the Callahan series by Lora Leigh.  This one is not new, but I hadn’t gotten around to starting the series and I am kicking myself for not reading it sooner!  Ms. Leigh writes some great romantic suspense books and this one grabbed me right away.  Rafer and Cami are a loveable couple that you can’t help but root for.  I’m usually nauseated by the whole “I can’t be with him because losing him would destroy me” story, but this one was an exception. Given the overall plot, it was completely reasonable that Cami would fear losing Rafer.

Cambria Flannigan has grown up in the shadow of her murdered sister, with the entire town believing Rafe and his cousins were somehow behind the deaths of numerous women.  Her father has ignored and verbally abused her all her life and her mother has hidden behind Valium. Cami’s big sister, Jaymi, had tried to be there for her as much as she could and when she is brutally murdered while Cami is only 13, she shuts her heart down and tries not to let people in.

When his best friend Tye is killed, Rafe Callahan takes the man’s wishes seriously and while looking out for his friend’s widow, begins a sexual relationship with her.  Jaymi was devastated after the love of her life died and she starts seeking comfort in the arms of his best friend.  After she realizes that her little sister Cami is looking at Rafer the way she used to look at the love of her life, she knows she has to end things despite Cami’s young age.

Growing up, Rafe and his cousins have been outcasts in Corbin County but no one can quite figure out why.  The fact that three Callahan brothers married three of the daughters of small town royalty, and then they all died in mysterious circumstances seems to be the only reason that everyone has it out for the boys.  They can recall times where their grandparents used to dote on them and love them, but now when they see their grand kids in town they act like they are nothing but dirt on their feet.

One thing I liked about this book, but could also be a bit disturbing for some, is that the book starts off from Jaymi’s point of view.  She hurts for her little sister because of the way that she is being treated by their parents and she is dealing with the grief of losing her husband, but she’s also dealing with some very disturbing phone calls and threats.  Not wanting to raise the alarm she keeps the calls secret from Rafe because she knows the voice on the other end of the phone, she just can’t quite place it.  When she finally figures it out she is taken and brutally murdered near where the Callahan cousins are camping in an attempt to frame them.  They catch the killer but most people still suspect the Callahans. There is a very beautiful scene between Jaymi and Rafe and it made me tear up reading it.

The book has a lot of action and the story moves very fast which I liked. I had no idea who the bad guy was and oddly it makes me happy when I don’t predict it all.  I loved Cami and Rafer and there is plenty of story to go around for the cousins’ books.  I will review the next book in the series shortly but if you are a fan of romantic suspense you should definitely give this series a try!

Rating: B+

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Midnight Sins
by Lora Leigh
Release Date: August 2, 2011
Publisher: St. Martin’s Press

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