Review: Sugar’s Twice as Sweet by Marina Adair

sugars twice as sweetReviewed by Shelly

I decided to read this because I’ve really enjoyed this author’s work in the past. Her St. Helena Vineyard Series was quite good overall. It took me a while to get into this book and I’m not sure that I ever did, because I never really ended up caring about any of the characters. I certainly never cared about either the hero or heroine. I don’t normally read about women with perfect lives because they usually turn out to be just spoiled rich women. I shouldn’t have started now but then again, hind sight is 20/20.

I found the first 1/3 of the story slow, really slow. The introduction of Josephina in a compromising position set the tone for her personality. She’s on an airplane waiting in the bathroom, in lingerie, for her fiancé to join her; unfortunately for her, the fiancé ends their relationship on the plane that’s bound for overseas. To add further humiliation to the situation and to Josephina’s dismay, she sees a particular piece of jewelry on the fiancé’s co-worker that confirms for her that she’s been cheated on. Who leaves a woman on the tarmac in her lingerie? But I digress.

I didn’t warm up to Josephina ‘Joie’. I tried but I just couldn’t. There were moments when she would show some backbone, usually with Brett but then cave to these little ole bitties who gave her nothing but a hard time, even though she grew up around them. There were moments where my frustration with Josephina would force me to put the book down and walk away. Maybe I’m just not a fan of the ‘southern belle’ persona.

Brett seemed more surly than charming. He had his moments with Joie, but the moments with others – not so much. His getting to know Josephina dragged on and I’ll admit that I started skimming paragraphs just to get through. By the time Brett worked his charm on her, I was over them as a couple. And by the time the bedroom scene came about – meh…

For me this story was more about Josephina and her desire to do something productive with her life. I’m okay with that, but I just didn’t like her. And it’s hard to not like the heroine and not care for the hero either until the last 20% of the story. This for me was below meh but not quite terrible. It sucks for me because I normally like this author’s work but I won’t be continuing with this series.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: C-/D+

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Sugar’s Twice as Sweet
by Marina Adair
Release Date: November 25, 2014
Publisher: Forever

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