Review: The Trouble With Honor by Julia London

trouble with honorReviewed by Jen

After reading and enjoying the second book in this series, I wanted more. So I jumped back to this earlier title, hoping for more of the same magic. For me, it was there. There were some rough parts that kept me from loving it quite as much, but overall, I liked it and found it worth the read.

Our heroine is Honor, one of four sisters about to lose their fortune and security with the imminent death of their stepfather –and the mental decline of their mother. Honor and her sister Grace have been belles of society. Finding a man was never a problem.  But now, if the elder sisters fail to make a quick match, they will lose their chance.  After all, with a mad mother and without a large dowry, how far could their beauty take them?

Making a quick match would seem the obvious solution, but Honor has a different idea. She blames her step-brother’s fiance for his lack of support. She figures if she can break them up, it will give her more time to get her ducks lined up. To aid her in her scheme, she enlists George Easton, a handsome and successful bastard, with a reputation for seduction. His mission is to woo Miranda away from Augustine in exchange for money.  But nothing goes according to plan.

Honor is not the most mature of heroines. She is kind of a hellion and is a bit spoiled by the privilege she has been afforded until now. The very premise of the story drives this home.  And that’s without mention of her trips to men’s gaming hells, staying out all night or sneaking around with George. She is beautiful, yes; intelligent too; but immature. Thankfully, though, Julia London does such a good job putting me in her headspace that I couldn’t help but empathize with her.  I felt her desperation and fear –not just for herself, but for her mother and sisters too.  And eventually, I felt her fall for George. Hard.

It was a little harder to understand George’s motivations here. He knew the plan was rubbish and he didn’t really need the 92 pounds.  As he developed feelings for Honor, it made more sense, but at the beginning, it’s a bit odd that he agreed to her plan.  I just went with it, though, and found that I liked him quite a bit. He is a self-made man, but he carries the emotional baggage of being a bastard… good enough for a woman’s bedroom or a game of cards, but not polite society. I wanted him to win at everything.

The thing is, the author doesn’t take the obvious route here. He very much does NOT win at everything. He barely wins anything.  I liked that things were unpredictable. It made me cry. It made me mad. It made me full of feelings. And that is no small thing. Too many books just skate by as ok without ever making me feel anything.  So, to me, this says a lot about the author and whether the story is worth reading. This one is not perfect and it may kick you in the heart once or twice. But overall, I thought it was good stuff.

Rating: B

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The Trouble With Honor
by Julia London
Release Date: February 25, 2014
Publisher: Harlequin

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