Review: A Touch of Darkness by Yelena Casale and Tina Moss

touch of darknessReviewed by Jen

This book had an interesting premise, but it didn’t live up to the potential the way I had hoped. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad. It’s ok in that the plot makes sense and the world building is consistent. I had multiple issues, though, ranging from predictability to a lackluster romance and a heroine I had serious problems with.

Cassie has always believed herself to be human, but she can’t ignore the paralyzing headaches and the strange purple glow that comes from her hands more and more often these days. Things get even stranger when the sexy man from her dreams shows up at the diner where she works.  This man, Gabe, has answers she thought she would never get. He is a fallen angel and she is a Key, part fallen, part demon. She is about to hit a pivotal age where she will come into her powers. Now demons and angels alike want to bring her to their side to shape the future of the world.  This, as she and Gabe fall into a romance that neither can ignore.

Problem number one: Cassie.  She is not the sharpest tool in the shed.  She makes incredibly stupid choices, putting herself in danger and sometimes losing sight of the big picture. I felt no depth to her character: what makes her who she is.  Her parents are dead. She has a crappy job and she has glow-y hands. But who is she? I don’t know, but worse, I don’t care.  This makes a buy-in to the romance pretty tough.

The romance itself didn’t inspire much feeling either.  That’s because I found no basis or foundation of feelings between these two. There was a little sexual tension at the beginning, but no pining or reflection or longing or… anything, really.  Plus, Gabe wasn’t any more developed than Cassie. He fell because he was arrogant and now he has to protect Cassie. That’s it. No windows to the soul or flashbacks or anecdotes.  Nope. He just fell. And he doesn’t want to be human.

The whole thing was kind of superficial. Every single supporting character was one-note. They were completely undeveloped, simply props for the plot progression. There were also red herrings, like Gabe’s ex-girlfriend angel and Cassie’s months of “training.” There just aren’t very many “why’s” answered across the board, and I really didn’t even care enough to ask the question.

There’s a tiny twist at the end, but overall, it wasn’t enough to earn points with me. It just felt out of left field. I didn’t hate it, but it wasn’t a win for me.

Rating: C/C-

*ARC provided by authors for review

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A Touch of Darkness
by by Yelena Casale and Tina Moss
Re-Release Date: March 2, 2015
Publisher: City Owl Press


  1. Eeesh. Sorry to hear you didn’t like this one. I’ve never heard of it before but I think I will steer clear of this one. I can’t stand when characters are just words on a paper.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

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