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becoming his masterReviewed by Shelly

Answering many of my questions about Henry and Jay’s start, this is a solid complement to Henry, Jay and Alice’s story in the first three stories in the Neighborly Affection series. Since the first book in the series, I’ve been a M. Q. Barber fan and will read anything by this author because I like the way she writes – a lot. This is m/m and although I don’t currently read that category I read this because 1) I expected good writing 2) I wanted to get the background scoop on Henry and Jay.

Have you read a book that’s so good that when it ends all you want is for the story to keep going? That’s what happened with this one. I already know Henry and Jay have an HEA; I already know how long they’ve been together before they meet Alice; I already know about Jay’s initial meeting with Henry but I still wanted to know more about Henry and the start of his chosen family. My dear readers, of the thousands of books I’ve read, this is one family I want to keep reading about.

This installment in the series confirms that Henry’s always been more cerebral than physical in his treatment of Jay. There are a lot of reasons why and we do get not just glimpses but full on explanations for that. This entire story happens in the BDSM/fetish club that Henry frequents and picks up directly after Jay’s terrible experience with that wanna-be Dom. Henry takes on Jay as his submissive determined to train Jay to think of his safety first and foremost. To do that, Henry must address, confront and reverse Jay’s lifetime of low esteem and lack of self worth. And it’s with that mentality that these two begin their relationship. The apparent subtleties between Dom and sub is a tangled and delicate web; there’s a lot that Henry has to prick out of Jay because Jay’s belief that anything that a Dom wants is acceptable is painful to watch sometimes.

I’ve still got a crush on Henry, primarily for the way he treats Jay. He shows respect and expects the same back and woe is you if you don’t. There are a million reasons why Jay should have chosen to not continue his training but the primary reason he kept happily coming back was because of Henry. The way that Henry took time and with patience gave Jay what he needed to not self deprecate – sigh. The insights for both Jay and Henry were solid and there was nothing about these two that didn’t ring true to the characters that we fell in love within the first three books.

Last, Barber did stay on course with the story and character development and yes, even the sex. I will gladly continue to read this series.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: A

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Becoming His Master
by M. Q. Barber
Release Date: March  17, 2015
Publisher: Kensington

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