Review: Broken Honor by Tonya Burrows

broken honorReviewed by Carrie

The HORNET series is one of my recent favorite military/romantic suspense series of late. The last book, Honor Reclaimed, tore my heart out. These guys might all be alpha to the core, but they are all faced with being limited in some way and how they deal with it.  While the action was plenty here, I found the romance a little on the weak side.  While it is not completely necessary, I do suggest reading the first 2 books in the series prior to this story.

Travis Quinn has built his entire military career on being an unshakable wall of steel.  His men relied on him to be their pillar of strength.  However, Travis finds himself coming apart at the seams after a nearly fatal car accident has left him with a traumatic brain injury and ended his active duty service.  Another log is added to the fire when the woman he had a brief fling with announces she is carrying his baby. Yet, Mara isn’t just any woman. It was only a fling because Mara was supposed to be off limits as Jesse’s cousin, but deeper feelings developed pretty quickly between them.  Quinn didn’t deserve a relationship with a beautiful and caring woman like Mara.

Mara Escareno knew that sleeping with Quinn wasn’t going to be easy, but after being under the controlling thumb of her stepfather, she wanted just one thing for herself.  For a hot second, Quinn seemed to have turned a corner with her over the summer but by the time she blinked, he was out the door again – only this time leaving Mara with a special “present”.  Mara knew Quinn wasn’t the kind of guy that hangs around, but she didn’t figure that he would outright bolt on her.

Quinn believed that he had absolutely no business being someone’s father because he never had real parents or a home. As he was coming back to explain things, he spots Mara being kidnapped.  Naturally, Travis Quinn is all speeds go in an attempt to rescue the mother of his child.  Things go sideways when Quinn finds himself double crossed and Mara in the thick of sex traffickers. The entire HORNET team is mobilized to safely recover their own while Travis tries desperately to unlock the key to the mystery hidden somewhere in his memories.

Quinn and Mara’s coupling was a blip in a previous book that I had mostly forgotten.  This was a case where a baby was supposed to bring them together but I didn’t really see why. Quinn spent most of the book beating himself up for past deeds while Mara kept giving him multiple chances to redeem himself.  Compared to the two previous books, I felt like this pairing was a bit on the ho-hum side.

On the other hand, the suspense has never been more electric and gripping. The author does a great job of touching on the often misunderstood criminal enterprise of sex trafficking.  Clues that were dropped in previous books now come to light. The way they were all double crossed in a big way had me flipping pages to find out the conclusion. My eyes bugged out when it looked like one of the guys might die!  So many twists and turns provided for such a thrilling ride.

As always, the banter between the guys is spot on as they continue to gel together as a team.  While this romance pairing may not be my favorite, the suspense plot kept my ereader humming well into the night. You cannot go wrong with this series.

Grade: B-

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Broken Honor
by Tonya Burrows
Release Date: February 24, 2015
Publisher: Entangled

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