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his to takeReviewed by Jaimie

His to Take is the ninth book in the Wicked Lovers series by Shayla Black and can I just say this series just keeps getting better!  Admittedly when I read the blurb, I missed the connection between the hero and Kata (who was featured in book 4 of the series) and Carlotta her mother (who had her story in book 6.5 of the series), but when I figured it out, I was really looking forward to seeing another member of that family.  Joaquin Munõz is determined to avenge the murder of his only friend and partner and will stop at nothing to make that happen.  Believing Bailey Benson may hold the answers he is looking for, and knowing she is in danger, Joaquin kidnaps her to keep her safe.

Joaquin Munõz closed himself off to everyone after the death of his father when he was a teenager.  He has kept himself from his family, only has one real friend, and his relationships are kept to one night stands.  When his former partner and good friend is killed while investigating the disappearance of a woman, Joaquin cannot stand by and do nothing.  After other women are kidnapped and killed in the same manner, he knows that he needs help and reaches out to his sister’s husband Hunter.  When the link between these murdered women and the man who had been working for Callie’s father becomes clear, everyone agrees to help Joaquin track down the remaining women on the list they have compiled.  They each take a woman’s name and head out to track her down.

Bailey Benson is a gifted dancer on the verge of her big break.  An orphan with very few friends and no family, Bailey is lonely but otherwise happy.  The only dark spot in her life is the nightmares that she has been having since she was a child that feel like a memory, but her parents always assured her that it was a figment of her imagination.  Bailey wakes up from one of her nightmares only to find a man standing in front of her who quickly drugs her to knock her out.  When she comes to, she is handcuffed to a bed in an unfamiliar place with a man she has never seen before telling her he believes she is someone else entirely.

This book had so many high points for me but my favorite was the involvement of pretty much every single character we have met and loved in this series.  We start seeing Hunter and Kata who are now expecting their first child, but throughout the book we end up seeing everyone and in particular, we get to see a lot of Callie, Thorpe and Sean.  Callie and Bailey develop a friendship, and considering Callie has always felt like an outsider, I loved seeing that.  Callie was one of my favorite women in the series.

Another thing I enjoyed was that Joaquin did not seem to know he’s a Dom, so watching him explore that was fun and hot.  At first Bailey is not aware that she’s being held in Dominion and when Callie takes her for her first tour, she is simultaneously horrified and intrigued at the activities taking place.  Joaquin goes on quite the journey from realizing how he’s been keeping everyone at arm’s length to protect himself, learning about being a Dom, exploring that with Bailey, and ultimately coming to terms with the fact that you cannot always protect yourself from being hurt.

This book brought some closure to the storyline that is started in Callie’s book and there was a sweet moment with Callie, Sean and Thorpe that made me love the three of them even more.  Bailey and Joaquin were a great couple with tons of chemistry and the book had plenty of action to balance out the steamy stuff.  I am really looking forward to Axel’s book which is the next one up.  We have learned very little about him even though we have seen him a lot and I suspect his book may be my favorite of the series.  Overall I loved His To Take and this was a great addition to the series.

Rating: A

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His to Take
by Shayla Black
Release Date: March 3, 2015
Publisher: Berkley Heat

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