Review: Ice Games by Jessica Clare

ice gamesReviewed by Janell

I think these Games books are like crack for me. I start reading and everything is so fun and breezy and interesting, and then I have to stop everything else in my life to read, and then it’s over too quickly and I’m left wanting more, again, now. So, thanks a lot, Jessica Clare.

Zara was an Olympic figure skater at age fourteen when she literally crashed and figuratively burned all of her bridges. She was blacklisted from the skating world, left to teach kids at a mall and to occasionally play the role of “Pink Dinosaur” in skating shows. When the show “Ice Dancing With the Stars” offers her a position as a pro skater, she jumps at the chance to salvage her career.

Ty is an MMA fighter who recently let his rage get the best of him and he bit his opponent’s nose after a match. That’s not good publicity. Since Ty used to play ice hockey, his manager signs him up for this reality show, hoping to save his reputation and career. That makes two misfits on skates!

Zara is disciplined. Even though she hasn’t skated in the big leagues in forever, she’s maintained her practices and good habits. She can handle twelve hours on the ice, and she eats healthy food. She’s also a tad superstitious. She has good luck talismans taped to the bottoms of her skates, and she has to kiss the ice before she steps on it every day.

Ty plans to coast through one episode of the show while avoiding practice and drinking beer. But Zara isn’t having it, because her future is on the line, and she won’t let Ty ruin it for her. She scolds him, orders him around, and eventually makes a sneaky deal with him.

Together they battle an uninspired choreographer, an evil costume department, and biased judges. Ty calls Zara a stick with a big mouth, she thinks his neck is too big and his nose has been broken too many times. But they’re a team! And they work well together! Ty learns to appreciate Zara’s dedication and creativity, while Zara learns to appreciate Ty’s strength and his tight butt.

The story zips along, but not predictably. It also has some hot times, some sexy times, and some sweet times. It includes skating tributes to Jaws and Dirty Dancing, a few sequins, and a long, healthy appreciation of Ty’s bare chest. Everyone wins!

Rating: B+

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Ice Games
by Jessica Clare
Release Date: July 29, 2013


  1. Jen at Red Hot Books says:

    Oooh. It’s like “The Cutting Edge” a little bit. (Showing my age there. Wassup, DB Sweeney?)

  2. Hmmm. Tonya Harding and Mike Tyson meeting up for an ice skating version of Dancing with the Stars? Sounds like a fun combo. I haven’t read anything by this author before but I will be adding her Games series to my GR list.
    Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous

  3. Patti (@lovesfabromance) says:

    I love this series! Ice Games was fun 😉

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