Review: Part Time Cowboy by Maisey Yates

part time cowboyReviewed by Carrie

I super love Maisey Yates’ Silver Creek contemporary small town series. I was bummed to hear of its ending until the author mentioned on Twitter that she had a similar new series coming out with Harlequin. It’s a lot like the previous series and I was happy to delve back into the rural small town goodness.  If you are a fan of the enemies to lovers stories, this is right up your alley!

Sadie Miller doesn’t have any good feelings about her hometown of Copper Ridge. When she left as a teen, she figured it was for good. For the last 10 years, Sadie has flitted from place to place, making friends but never really setting down roots. A yawning emptiness had her searching for the next adventure when an ad for a long term lease in a possible bed & breakfast in Copper Ridge caught her eye.  Sadie thinks she may be able to figure out her current discontent by returning to the past.  As soon as she crosses the town line, she gets pulled over by the one guy she hoped to never see again – the cop who arrested her just prior to leaving town the first time.

Eli Garrett likes everything in his world to be calm, neat and orderly.  He is blindsided and angry when his brother, Connor, informs him that Sadie Miller is opening her B & B on the family ranch.  Eli is planning to run for sheriff and doesn’t want a “troublemaker” like Sadie anywhere near his campaign, or his life.  Unfortunately, since they all live on the ranch that isn’t possible.   Staying away from her is impossible for a control freak like Eli and every time they get close to each other, tempers flare.  In all that heat, sparks begin to fly and while Eli and Sadie can’t stand each other during the day, their frustrations get worked out between the sheets at night.

From their very first interactions, Eli and Sadie are explosive and so fun to read.  Eli is rough, growly and so controlled. Sadie, as upbeat and hopeful, is the perfect contrast that pushes all of Eli’s buttons happily.  Their banter is fast and fun as it ratchets up the tension between the two that inevitably has to break.   When it breaks, it’s angry and HOT. After burning off the initial embers, the pair begins to settle into a relationship without either realizing it. The histories of their pasts slowly are uncovered as Sadie and Eli realize their preconceived notions of each other were completely wrong.  Their walls fall down quite easily.  It is lovely to read two people who desperately need what the other provides.  Sadie has a climactic moment confronting her past and my heart just ached for her.

The author has a real talent for writing families.  The Garrett siblings squabble, fight, support, chide and love each other.  I can’t wait to read Katie’s book to see how she’ll be able to come out from under the shadows of her two overbearing brothers. However, Connor’s book is next. I’m sure he’ll be ripping my heart out as he finally moves past his wife’s death.

I heartily recommend this book for any romance reader who enjoys good enemies to lovers story with banter, angry sex and a heaping of angst.

Grade:  A-

*ARC provided by Harlequin

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Part Time Cowboy
by Maisey Yates
Release Date: March 31, 2015
Publisher: Harlequin

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