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personal geographyReviewed by Shelly

There’s a fine line between love and hate. I rode that line from beginning to end. This is my first time to read this author’s work and she writes an engaging story. Consultant India Burke has a sharp mind and an equally sharp tongue. Working long days, India has ‘lost weekends’ where she takes off to parts unknown. During those weekends, she desires a submissive role along with sexual release – until the next time. Crispen Ardmore is a Dominant without a submissive. He lives in the perfect isolated location for India, Hawaii. It’s far enough away for her purposes and Cris is exactly what India wants and needs for those 48 hours. Before I go on – there are two things about this story that you should know. This is neither HFN nor HEA and is NOT a stand-alone; the second part of this story is Intimate Geography.

This is really a very well told story – it’s a shame I didn’t like India. Told in first person POV, the only person we really get to know is India. India’s role as a high-powered attorney/consultant is a coveted position. She’s good at her job, she knows what she’s doing and she’s a bulldog getting it done. Admittedly, she’s got big shoes to fill and she goes about it in a way that suggests that were it a man the behavior would be acceptable. She’s an as*hole and a bully. I like neither of these traits in either gender. If she was a man – I’d call her out just the same. The way she treated everyone, especially those in subordinate positions at work – there were a few times I just really wanted to smash her face in. If I was Lucy, that coffee would have a little something extra in it EVERY DAY. (*drops mic*)

With the increasing stress at work, India finds herself going on her weekend trips more consistently. In her past, she’s gone to different Doms expecting to find the same thing – release. Cris’ sadistic ways are a balm to India’s masochism. As their time together grows and Cris tries to relay his feelings about India she balks and insists on maintain the boundaries of the contract and the weekend hours.

There’s nothing about this story that’s sweet romance, flowers or ‘vanilla’ sex. This isn’t a story for the faint of heart – India’s got issues and she likes those issues to be handled in a very firm way. Speaking of, I didn’t quite get a few things. When Rey and India’s worked out their arrangement in college – what was Rey’s experience to know that the lifestyle would be welcomed for her? I guess his ‘Dom-sense’. What exactly does Rey do for a living for not only India but for others in the lifestyle?  He seems like a broker of sorts but there are other names for that too.

The relationship that India has with her parents is a big part of her life; it sets the stage for most of her choices. She congruently uses it as a motivator and an excuse – an all-around rationale. She’ll tell you about her degrees at the better colleges, her well to do parents, her not lacking for money, her good job, her name brand shoes/clothes, her this and that. But underneath all that, she’s alone, other than Rey, and I could see why. Seriously, there’s a lot about India that didn’t tickle my empathy or sympathy bone. But Parker writes such a good story I couldn’t not read to find out more.

The sex is all BDSM and of course there’s no leading up to it and the romance is none existent. These are two very experienced people in their roles as (D/s) who are contractually obligated to perform certain functions for each other in multiple 48 hour increments. I don’t know what to tell you dear readers other than – this isn’t for everyone.

Happy Reading folks!

Rating: B-

*Book provided by author for review

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Personal Geography
by Tamsen Parker
Release Date: December 1, 2014

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