Review: Royally Ever After by Loretta Chase

royally ever afterReviewed by Jen

This anthology contains two previously published short stories by Loretta Chase –and I do mean short.

The first is “Lord Lovedon’s Duel,” which I read in the Royal Bridesmaids collection. It’s based loosely in the Dressmakers world. Just after Chloe’s sister is married to a duke, the women overhear some men saying the groom married for money and not love. Angered over the hurt it causes her sister –and just a little bit drunk– Chloe confronts Lord Lovedon, the man speaking most disparagingly of the match. She demands a duel, sparking his attention and a witty banter which evolves into a relationship. It was funny and sassy. 21 pages.

“The Jilting of Lord Rothwick” is even shorter at just 14 pages. It was in the Royal Weddings anthology.  The story follows a wealthy commoner named Barbara, who is crying off on her engagement to the Marquess of Rothwick. She thinks he is marrying her only for her money, while she has feelings for him she believes he will never return. Of course, there is more to his suit than meets the eye, giving us a nice Happy Ever After.

Both stories were enjoyable, but I was finished reading them in about 10 minutes.  The book is supposed to be 192 pages, but on my e-reader, it was 54, and just a little less than half of those pages were made up author’s notes, teasers, copyrights, etc. It’s only $.99, but there is very little content here.

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Royally Ever After
by Loretta Chase
Release Date: April 7, 2015
Publisher: Avon Impulse


  1. Sounds interesting. I prefer full length novels most of the time though. I do enjoy Chase, so maybe I might pick this one up one day.

    • Jen at Red Hot Books says:

      I can enjoy a novella, but I need more meat than these stories provided. You know what I mean?

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