Review: The Deal by Elle Kennedy

dealReviewed by Carrie

My twitter peeps have been going on and on about this book and when they talk, I one-click.  And, oh man, I’m so so glad I did. Do you hate NA? Read this book. Do you like NA? Read this book. Do you like stories that make you hug your kindle and twirl around after finishing? Read this book.

Hannah Wells is a smart, pretty, self-assured college junior majoring in music.  She knows all these things about herself because she has worked hard to come to terms and live with a tragic event that eventually forced her out of her hometown and far away from her family. For the most part, Hannah has beaten back her demons and enjoys her life and friends. However, the one area she might still need help in, is getting a certain star football player to notice her.

Garrett Graham is a star hockey player destined for the NHL and the unrepentant reigning BMOC.  Unfortunately, another failing grade on a test has him hovering on the ineligible line.  A chance run-in with a pretty student who is actually passing the test has Garrett unleashing his sexy smile to get her to tutor him. Garrett is shocked when she turns him down, not once, but twice. Undaunted, he formulates a plan to get Hannah Wells to boost his grade so he can stay on the team.  When Garrett discovers Hannah’s crush on the football loverboy, he makes her a deal: if she tutors him, he’ll up her street cred so she can land her dreamboat.

What begins as a reluctant relationship of tutor/tutoree, evolves into a begrudging friendship which, in turn, blossoms into such a lovely romance.  I always enjoy watching the lightbulb go off over a guy’s head when he discovers that girls can be just friends. Both Hannah and Garrett have to deal with some heavy issues in their lives but learn that the load becomes less when you can share it with someone else. I appreciated that the author didn’t make their issues focus of the book.  She gave it respect but didn’t drown in angst.   The intimacy of sharing their internal issues leads to the trusting of the physical ones. When the couple FINALLY hit the sheets…phew!

I have found the best NA books have a solid cast of characters and that true in this book. I loved the frat house atmosphere of Garrett’s house and all his roommates. Hannah’s friends are a little more in the background but no less present.  I can see where a couple of storylines might spin off.

The shy girl/stud boy trope is turned on its head as the author artfully layers each character and gives them witty banter, sexual tension and authentic heartfelt moments without coming remotely close to cliché.  This book is definitely going on my Best of 2015 list!

Rating: A

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The Deal
by Elle Kennedy
Release Date: February 24, 2014


  1. Oh boy…I have been seeing reviews for this book everywhere….and I am not a huge NA fan, but I think I am going to buy this. Just take a leap ….and who knows maybe I will fall head over heels. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this one, it definitely made me decide to try it out for sure.

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