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Review: The Devilish Mr. Danvers by Vivienne Lorret

devilish mr danversReviewed by Jen

This is easily the best book I have read from Vivienne Lorret. It’s book two in her Rakes of Fallow Hall series, but it holds up wonderfully as a standalone. It follows the unlikely romance between a man who never wants to marry and the sister of the woman who once left him at the altar. [Read more…]

Review: The Unleashing by Shelly Laurenston

unleashingReviewed by Carrie

I was looking for something a bit lighter with, hopefully, a bit of humor. This is the first book in a new PNR series based on Norse mythology. I’ve been looking for Norse-type books since I’m addicted to the TV series, Vikings.   I’ve enjoyed a few of Laurenston’s Dragon Kin books so when a trusted fellow blogger posted her glowing review, I went ahead and one-clicked. I am so glad I did! [Read more…]

Review: The Duke of Andelot by Delilah Marvelle

duke of andelotReviewed by Jen

What a wonderful, bittersweet romance.

Fans of Delilah Marvelle’s School of Gallantry series will absolutely love this romance featuring Madame de Maitenon, the spitfire woman who runs the school.  This book is told largely about 30 years before the events of the other books in the series, but eventually jumps ahead to the reunion between Madam and her lost love, some of which we saw in Romancing Lady Stone.  It’s such a great romance. Which makes it all the more heartbreaking that these two lost so many years together. [Read more…]

Review: Jem by Michelle Abbott

jemReviewed by Jaimie

Jem is a standalone book by new to me author Michelle Abbott and based on the blurb, I wanted to love this one, but I just couldn’t.  Jem was a horribly abused child and the only person to ever show him kindness was Devon – his angel. Although he was only 4 and she was only 7, the two built a friendship that gave Jem something to hold on to.  When Devon tries to help him, he is taken away suddenly and she has not seen him since. [Read more…]

Review: Rosemary and Rue by Seanan McGuire

rosemary and rueReviewed by Jen

I had a very difficult time connecting to this book. I had to fight the urge to put it down more than once, simply because I was kind of bored. The story failed to engage me until virtually the very end. I didn’t understand Toby, but what’s worse is that I just didn’t care. Part of it could be that this is the first book in a series and the author has to spend a lot of time on the intricate would-building of the Fae and changeling culture… part of the problem, but not all of it. [Read more…]

Review: Slow and Steady Rush by Laura Trentham

slow steady rushReviewed by Carrie

I’ve been on a sports romance book kick lately and saw this book up for review. The blurb hooked me – football, small town and hot ex-soldier.   Set in a small southern town, it has a very Friday Night Lights vibe to it.

Darcy Wilde loves her life as a librarian in Atlanta. She loves just being another person in a big city – so different from how she grew up.  Darcy is forced to confront her past when her grandmother falls ill and she must return to her hometown of Falcon.  Darcy’s goal is to get in, set her grandmother back to rights and get out of dodge as quick as she can.  She might feel slightly guilty about her reluctance to come home, but it’s not about the woman who raised Darcy and her cousin, Logan.  It’s more about wanting to escape the sins of the mother that are visited upon the daughter and the very long memory of small towns. [Read more…]

Review: What a Woman Gets by Judi Fennell

what a woman getsReviewed by Jaimie

What a Woman Gets is the third book in the Manley Maid’s series by Judi Fennell.  I haven’t read the other books in the series but it definitely didn’t impact my enjoyment of it and I didn’t feel like I was missing a huge plot or anything – it was self-explanatory.  If you aren’t familiar with these books, the general premise is that three brothers lost a bet to their sister in a poker game.  Each brother has to act as a maid for a month to honor their bet.  In this installment it is Liam’s turn to pay up and he finds himself cleaning the house of rich socialite Cassidy.  After being burned by a woman “just like her”, Liam is determined to ignore their sizzling chemistry and get his job done.  When Cassidy’s dad cuts her off, she is on her own for the first time and Liam offers to let her stay at his house – as his maid. [Read more…]

Review: With Every Heartbeat by Linda Kage

with every heartbeatReviewed by Shelly

If you’ve not read any of the other installments in the Forbidden Men series, I think you’re missing out. Even if you’re not a big fan or not a fan at all of the ‘new adult’ category you’ll like this because it is romance, plain and simple. Continuing in the world of the college students who work at the Forbidden bar, shy quiet Quinn Hamilton finally gets his chance at true love. I will give you warning that if you read this book as a standalone, there are going to be moments when your frustration level will rise because these stories have overlapping characters who remain in each other’s lives. [Read more…]

Review: Silver Bastard by Joanna Wylde

silver bastardReviewed by Carrie

Joanna Wylde is back with a spin-off of her beloved Reapers MC series.  Though this first book features the Silver Bastards motorcycle club, an allied club of the Reapers, the focus of the series will be on the entire Silver Valley (near Coeur d’Alene, Idaho) and its people.  If you haven’t read the Reapers series, at times you might feel like you might be missing something, but I think it can be enjoyed on its own.  Don’t expect a lighter or less gritty story – Wylde pulls no punches. [Read more…]

Review: Defined by Deceit by AE Via

defined by deceitReviewed by Jen

I love a good angst ridden hero –and I’m a sucker for a gentle giant.  This book has both folded into one messed up and misunderstood man.  Llewellyn had his entire life planned out after graduation. He was going away to school with his boyfriend, where he could study architecture and find happiness and success. But a terrible betrayal landed him in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and just like that, his dreams died.  Now eight years later, he is trying to start over, but his record hangs over him like a storm cloud. He is rejected at every turn and finally has to move away for a fresh start. [Read more…]