Review: Claimed by Love by Skye Jones

claimed by loveReviewed by Shelly

This is a first time author for me. The first book in the Wild Hunters series is a paranormal m/m/f erotica and while the last two things are right up my alley I will admit that I don’t read a lot of PNR but the blurb was intriguing enough for me to give it a chance. For the last four years Kayley Edwards has lead a relatively solitary life. She’s an artist who sells her wares on occasion. And if being an artist wasn’t lonely enough, the only consistent person in her life is her roommate who is also her employer at the nearby tattoo shop.

All her life, Kayley’s been dreaming of wolves but in the last few years she’s started dreaming of two men having sex (don’t start shaking your head yet) but the faces are fuzzy and unrecognizable – she knows one is dark while the other is light. Accepting an invitation from her favorite cousin, Will, Kayley heads off to vacation to meet up with Will and some of his co-workers. Will’s got a pretty interesting story himself.
Walking into the swanky vacation house and meeting the two guys she’s dreamed about, Kayley is absolutely flabbergasted that after all this time she’s able to put a name and face to her dreams. Luke Johnson, pack alpha and his beta, Sean Wallace, are the guys that Kayley’s been dreaming of and they happened to be a mated pair. Luke’s been dreaming of his second mate for years and he knows it’s Kayley the second he meets her. Sean’s much more restrained about the whole 3 mate thing– he’s gay (there’s some dialogue about all of the wolf shifters being bi-sexual but…) in his 150+ years of living he’s never found a woman attractive so he’s concerned. I, as the reader, was not only concerned, I was never convinced that’s he’s not homosexual.

All that being said there was a lot of promise for me liking this story. Kayley seemed like she would be full of angst and tons of hesitancy. It started out well; there was good story building without the three jumping in to bed together. While Luke and Sean are sexing it up in their bedroom, they’re also planning on ‘wooing’ Kayley and bringing her into their relationship gradually. Did I mention there’s a lot of m/m sexual interaction?  In fact there was so much that I wondered why even have the ‘f’, because she just seemed to have been thrown in there. And, of course, she likes to see the guys getting it on together – argh, come on!

Then there’s the crying. I could understand Kayley shedding a tear here and there, but she cried ALL the time – about crap not cry-worthy. She’s four years out from an attack from her ex-boyfriend who she admitted she openly pursued and continued seeing because he’s a ‘bad boy’. Unfortunately for her, he showed her his bad side and not only beat her up, he also gave her a wicked cut her leaving her with a scar around her waist. I had a problem with her knowing that this guy was the leader of a gang and not expecting him to unleash hell on her at his leisure.

Hold on, I’m not doing with the crying. Why are an alpha and beta crying? That was so new to me I had to re-read those scenes (yes, multiple) to make sure that what I was reading I was actually reading. Sean was such a weak beta and second in command. For Luke – I. Can’t. Even. Thank goodness that Luke’s pack was small – seemed less than 10 members and Sean’s responsibilities were minimal. I think his primary responsibility was keeping Luke calm primarily through a plethora of sniffing and nuzzling (pretty alpha stuff there – insert eyeroll).

I wish I could say that outside of the crying, Kayley was a strong solid character, or at least grew into a strong solid character, but I can’t say that. She’s the only human in the group and she’s basically weak as such. About the time I threw both hands in the air… was about her finding out the guys are shape-shifters. She’s understandably cautious and then all of a sudden she’s gung-ho into it and wants to be just like them – I think I got whiplash it happened so fast. This story reminds me why I don’t like the majority of the m/m/f ménage erotica stories out there; strong blurb but the plots fizzle into something that’s common and less than ‘meh’.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C-/D

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Claimed by Love
by Skye Jones
Release Date: December 22, 2014
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

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