Review: Grave Memory by Kalayna Price

grave memoryReviewed by Jen

The last 25 percent of this book completely rocked my world.  That doesn’t mean the first 3/4 wasn’t good. It was. But the last quarter took it to an entirely different level. Maybe it’s the romance lover in me, but I was so into this book as it drew to a close that I doubt I would have quit reading if my chair caught on fire.

If you’ve never entered the world of Alex Craft, know these things before deciding whether to give them a try. First: they’re really good Urban Fantasy. Second, if you’re going to start, you need to begin with book 1. And finally, this series is unfinished.  Will it ever be finished? I don’t know.  Book 4 has been pushed back for years and Amazon lists its on-sale date as the year 2099. The author is completely radio silent.  Take from that what you will, but know that when you finish this book, you will be thirsting for more.  And it’s a thirst that may never be quenched.

This book picks up about a month after the last one. Both men in Alex’s life are MIA. The Winter Queen has her talons in Falin and is trying to use him as a bargaining chip to force Alex into her court.  Meanwhile, the soul collectors are keeping Death away because he is forbidden to have a relationship with a mortal. So for a good long while, the love triangle is a non-entity. Instead, Alex is focusing on her business, which now includes her old friend, Rianna. She is also working to help her friend Holly deal with her addiction to Fae food. All this, while Alex, herself, grows more Fae every day.

Of course, these books always have a central mystery to solve. Here, Alex is investigating who or what is causing a string of people to commit suicide. The victims are not ending their lives of their own will and even their shades can’t remember what happened. It starts as a case for Alex, but ends up hitting much closer to home. There is a lot of action, danger, and sleuthing to keep the story moving along.

It’s good. But the real magic happens when Death takes center stage. I don’t want to spoil too much, but I have been waiting for him to step up since the first book. It’s been all Falin, Falin, Falin. And while I understand Falin’s position and I sympathize, I don’t see how anyone could not be Team Death at this point. Major swoon here.  I loved him. I loved this part of the storyline.  And though the end made some figurative fire shoot from my nose, it didn’t detract from all the good stuff Kalayna Price gave us here.  This is actually a well drawn love triangle. I’m anxious to see how it will end. Assuming we ever know how it will end. (*rocks in corner*)

The world-building continues to impress as we delve further into the courts of the Fae, as well as the various planes, and even peeks behind the curtain of those mysterious soul collectors. Alex is not without flaws, but Kalayna Price makes her emotions relatable. I really enjoyed seeing her work to be a good friend.  And when her back is against the wall for Death, she really proves herself.

I hope against hope that we will see more of this great series.  It would be a waste for such a fantastic story to end without an actual ending.

Rating: B+

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Grave Memory
by Kalayna Price
Release Date: July 3, 2012
Publisher: Roc


  1. I read the first book back when it first came out, then picked up the second and third last year. I didn’t know the fourth was delayed. I totally agree with you – it would be very sad if this series never continued. Kalayna is definitely not a prolific writer. She seems to go a long time between books, so maybe life has just interfered and she’ll resurface eventually.

    That’s the biggest problem with the fact that every book is part of a series these days. Sometimes you start a series and it’s great, but then you never get a satisfactory ending because something happened in the author’s personal or professional life.

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