Review: Keeper of the Light by Gabrielle Evans

keeper of the lightReviewed by Shelly

I was in the middle of a series and needed a quick break and saw this as one of Goodreads’ recommendations. I haven’t read a lot of shape-shiters in the past couple of months but they’re usually a fun, if not funny read. Mated since they were 18, Damon and Tate, now in their mid 30’s, have found their zeta, but she’s already married. The waitress at the local diner, Ryah, has some problems on her hands. Her husband, Carson, beats her. Once Damon and Tate befriend Ryah, they try to help her not by taking her away from the situation but by giving her the choice.

This story didn’t immediately draw me it. I had a hard time distinguishing between alpha Damon and beta Tate. Ryah didn’t develop separate relationships with either of the guys and maybe that was what was missing for me. The guys were always together so it’s hard to draw out different aspects of personalities. I was hoping for more because there’s mention of a year from when they first meet Ryah to when the guys throw their hands up in defeat after so many frantic phone calls from her. The thing about Ryah is that she’s very young, shy and just scared. I wanted to see more of the relationship she had with Midge, the restaurant owner; there was a lot of mentoring that could have happened there.

After some ebb and flows in the mechanics of Damon and Tate being able to get Ryah away from her husband, the discovery that they’re lycans who feed on the blood of their mate(s) was a bit of a shock to Ryah. I can’t blame her. It would freak me out too – but it would freak me out a lot longer than it did her. And when Ryah finds out that she’s one of them, I was ready to put this book down because really – how convenient when she had no prior hints, warnings, feelings etc.

The romance and sex between Damon and Tate was frequent; then among the three, it happened quickly as they usually do. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything in this story that differentiates it apart from the majority of other ménage books by the publisher. The last 25% of this story is what saved me from throwing my hands in the air and giving up on this story.

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Rating: C

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Keeper of the Light
by Gabrielle Evans
Release Date: March 17, 2011
Publisher: Siren

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