Review: The Scoundrel and the Debutante by Julia London

scoundrel debutanteReviewed by Jen

I really enjoyed the first two books in this series, but I’m sad to say that this third installment was not as much of a win for me.   I’ve never been a fan of insta-love, but the romance here happened at such warp speed, it left me shaking my head.  Three days. They were in love in three days.  They were getting busy even before that.  I understand that our heroine was trying to have a little adventure, but this story just trampled all over my suspension of disbelief with her behavior, which fit neither with the character nor her setting.

Prudence is the third of the four Cabot sisters. She is the “good” one; the one who has always played by the rules and followed the dictates of society. Unfortunately, the antics of her older sisters have made her an unsuitable match for any man of the ton, so despite the fact that she is beautiful and poised, she is doomed for a life as a spinster.  Understandably, this has her a bit down. But her sisters think they can make it all better by sending her on a trip out-of-town to visit a friend who just had a baby.

On her way out-of-town, Pru runs into a handsome American who is in England searching for his wayward sister.  Roan sparks Pru’s interest enough that she bails on her planned transportation and boards his stagecoach, so she can spend time with him. From that impulsive decision on, her behavior grows increasingly more bizarre.  From trying to walk home, to getting physical right away, to posing as Roan’s cousin, then his wife, all while hobnobbing with people who have ties to her family. She sets up her reputation for total annihilation. THEN makes a colossally stupid decision when faced with how to proceed with her future.

For the “good” sister, she is frankly too stupid to live.

Roan isn’t much better. He is supposed to be worldly and practical. But he is the first one throwing the L-word around and blowing up his life plans over a pretty stranger.  I liked the idea of a sexy American hero for an English rose, but I couldn’t take them seriously at all.  Then, there is all the sex they have… when this woman just lost her virginity (and don’t get me started on how she did THAT.) I can’t enjoy a story when I am rolling my eyes this much.

And then there were her sisters. Honor and Grace were not this shrewish in their books. They came across here as hypocritical and basically just awful here. Yet neither held a candle to the awfulness of Roan’s sister. I wanted to set her on fire.

This one was not for me.

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The Scoundrel and the Debutante
by Julia London
Release Date: April 28, 2015
Publisher: HQN Books

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