Review: Shaman, Priestess, Pawn by M. Terry Green

shaman priestess pawnReviewed by Jen

It’s been a while since the last time I visited this world and it took me some time to reconnect with it. I’ve long been a fan of these books and one of the things that I like best about them is the author’s willingness to evolve the series from story to story.  The environment keeps changing and the characters keep growing.

In this installment, Olivia is on a mission to learn more about her craft from an ancient group of shamans in South America. She travels with SK to find the them on a dangerous journey. And when they reach their destination, they’re surprised to find that Livvie isn’t their priority. SK is.  As we learned in the earlier books, he is more than a standard intercessor. He’s the so-called Water Baby. And that means something big to the Mayans; especially their leader, who has plans to use him for her own ends.

Like I said, I wasn’t 100% invested from page one, but as I read, a lot the magic came back.  For me, the heart of the book was in bittersweet relationship between Livvie and SK.  I feel very invested in these two and their doomed and forbidden romance. The love that they have for each other feels so real. They draw strength from each other and bring out the best in each other. The scenes they have together in the multiverse are especially poignant as it’s the only place they can act on their feelings.

The action plot moves pretty well once our couple is firmly ensconced underground.  I thought the worldbuilding was interesting with the Mayan and Aztec people and their shamanistic culture.  I liked that there is more than one villain here and they each have their own end-game. I also liked seeing Livvie really find herself as she faces the mounting challenges against her.  We already knew she was a force to be reckoned with, but as with each book, she continues to take it to the next level.  I also continue to be a fan of SK and I really liked delving more into his backstory here.

I have to say I preferred the installments of the books that were in a more urban setting. It’s the contrast of the old ways of the multiverse and the new ways of modern society that works so well for me. I appreciate the author’s research and versatility, but I hope we return to the city in future stories.

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Shaman, Priestess, Pawn
by M. Terry Green
Release Date: March 28, 2014



  1. As soon as I saw that these were available, they are back on my TBR list. Like you, it has been a while for me. I’m glad to see that you still enjoyed this one, even if it wasn’t as much as the early books. Luckily, there is another to start soon.

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