Review: The One Worth Finding by Teresa Silberstern

one worth findingReviewed by Shelly

Looking for a novella, I kindly asked GoodReads for a recommendation. This ditty popped up and I was immediately on alert because… well let’s be honest that cover is ‘interesting’. Then I needed the extra push and asked the ladies on the blog, and here I am reviewing a story about anal fisting. But it’s not just that it’s that the anal fist-er is a Domme and the fist-ee is a male. The content is in the blurb so I can’t claim surprise, but I still expect a story that I can believe and is plausible.

This is a short read, I had a kindle edition and it took me, give or take, 3 hours to read – it goes by pretty quick, thank goodness. Would you believe that I had some issues with the editing? There are way too many words in CAPS, way too many. Considering how short this story is, and it’s not even okay in long novels, there is absolutely no need to tell me 23 times that his prostate is sensitive; fist/fisting is  repeated 50 times – maybe that doesn’t have synonyms. After about the first 5 – 10 times, I’m pretty sure I would have gotten the point. And I still have an outstanding question. How do you end up sticking something up your bum and only to find out that you have a ‘ridiculously sensitive prostate’? But I digress.

Los Angeles Pediatrician Aaron Harte is 38, single and straight living in a world of BDSM; he’s given up finding a Domme who not only understands but endorses his particular proclivity for not just having his prostate stimulated but also having his rectum filled to capacity. Aaron’s needs are so prevalent that he’s unwilling (maybe even unable – not sure and I wasn’t going back to re-read) to ejaculate during masturbation without some kind of object (his personal choice is dildo) in his rectum. Seattle based Tara Sinclair is a Domme in her local club. Her husband and submissive died in a car accident 8 years ago and it’s been that long since Tara has been happy. She’s ‘petite almost elfin’ but she’s got a big presence and has no trouble putting either Dom/Domme or sub in their place. When these two meet and perform their anal fisting scene in the club, will that end their time together?

I’ve never read a story with a Domme as the heroine much less one with the male as the submissive. This story reinforces for me why that dynamic is not my cup-a-tea. There was nothing about Aaron that I liked. His life seems to stem around his life at the BDSM club with nothing in between but his work. As I’m on the topic, how does a practicing pediatrician with a full patient load just get up and leave his practice and patients to spend an entire week out of town? But again, I digress.

There’s nothing about Aaron’s submissive personality that I found remotely attractive and the word ‘soft’ and ‘little angel’ was overused to describe him and his body parts. And don’t get me started about the description of his bowels. His entire week with Tara was all about getting his ass filled with either an object or Tara’s fist. After about the 5th time, I wondered if dude wasn’t sore and worn out, but nope he just kept begging for more. And I swear if he cried after Tara took her hand out of his bunghole one more time, I was gonna lose my sh*t.

I got sick of Tara pretty quick. Her woe is me about her dead husband kept getting in the way of my liking her. For as long as the husband was dead, her grief was never ending; he’s been dead for longer that they were married (4 years). To be honest, I just don’t understand about her getting off on fisting men – she didn’t even need to have s-e-x to orgasm. She kept talking about how soft it was in his bowels and I just kept on reading because I was determined to finish the book.

This story is just not for me because in the end, it just read as porn. There’s no romance, there no life outside of the club even though both of them state that they’re not interested in TDE. There’s not one time where I saw Aaron man-up and take charge of their relationship outside of the bedroom, not one; that sorry excuse for a dinner didn’t count. If I never read about a man’s ‘quivering opening’ again, it’ll be too soon. Take your chances if you must but you’ve been warned. I’ve gotta go find and administer some brain bleach.

Happy Reading Folks!

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The One Worth Finding
by Teresa Silberstern
Release Date: January 20, 2012


  1. Jen at Red Hot Books says:

    “And I swear if he cried after Tara took her hand out of his bunghole one more time, I was gonna lose my sh*t.”

    This made my day, Shelly. Really.

  2. Yeah, don’t get the fisting thing. I mean after doing it so many times wouldn’t your butt whole be stretched out and you need surgery? And I hope she used gloves. Eeww.

    I’ve only read one Domme/sub and I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would. Unraveled (Mastered #3) by Lorelei James.

    • Unraveled was not all about the club scene like this one appears to be. The hero was very alpha and there was no fisting. LOL

      • Shelly Browne says:

        I had the same thoughts about him wearing it out because the story was relentless with his ‘hole’ including his daily enemas. Can you imagine?

  3. Dead husband! Soft bowels! It makes the cover even more laughable! Thank you, Shelly!

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