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valorousReviewed by Shelly

Picking up directly after Virtuous, Valorous continues Natalie and Flynn’s story. They’ve had their big date at one of the many awards shows and spent a few days together when their insular bubble burst. Natalie’s past and secrets that only she had the right to tell, have been told to the entire world. I about cringed when that happened because it’s the worst kind of invasion of privacy, especially in light of the reason for the secret and her age when it happened. One of the things that bothered me from Book 1 was the immediacy of Natalie’s exposure to the public. They went on a single date before Flynn thought that was a good idea to take her to one of the Hollywood culture biggest events. There’s so much in that I found to be forced.

This installment in the series is not as light and romantically charged as the first book. Natalie’s getting a bird’s eye view of Flynn’s life because she’s now lost her job and has time on her hands. She’s left NY and her familiar world to go to LA with Flynn and spend time in his world. She’s meeting more of his friends, family, and business partners. Kudos to her, she’s not shying away from these experiences or from Flynn. Everything is moving very fast now and the timing is still compact. As each hour, day, event goes by, they grow closer. All the while, Flynn holds onto his secret whereas Natalie feels compelled to reveal all of hers to Flynn. There’s also a nice little surprise for Natalie about her family that was refreshing to see. So we finally get to see some of the good parts of her old life, not just the bad.

So far, there have already been changes (I’m not sure I would consider it growth as yet) from both Natalie and Flynn. Natalie’s given in and had sex with Flynn without marriage and she’s lost her job and doesn’t seem too concerned about finding another. I expected her to hustle and try to find another job and not depend on Flynn, but there’s a bit of passive aggressive behavior that’s happening that doesn’t seem to really fit.  I’m sticking with the series nonetheless. Flynn’s mindset is that he will give up his Dom personality and persona in order to be the kind of man that he thinks Natalie needs. I don’t really see her being the kind of person that Flynn seems to have dealt with in the past – it seems to be all about the sex so far with him, because he keeps talking about his high sex drive and his need to have all of her (yeah, that includes the forbidden rosebud). And then there’s Hayden, Flynn’s best friend and fellow Dom who doesn’t like the way that Flynn is changing for Natalie. It makes for some nice tension.

There’s one installment left in this trilogy and if it’s like The Matrix and I’m disappointed, I’m not holding my tongue… ummm…make that words. Dear readers, I’ll tell you this, I’m going to be sorely disappointed, scratch that – make it pissed off, if Natalie drops like a bowling pin and gives in to Flynn’s BDSM lifestyle proclivities without a sensible rationale or at least a getting used to it time frame. Book 3, Victorious, is coming up next.

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Rating: B

*ARC provided by author for review

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by M.S. Force
Release Date: April 21, 2015

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