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victoriousReviewed by Shelly

I’m probably the only person who didn’t like this story. I’m a ginormous fan of this author’s romance novels. I think her Green Mountain series is absolutely brilliant and I’ve have had nothing but praise for it. I read the first two books in her new Quantum Trilogy series and was suitably impressed with those, because the story telling was good and the sex wasn’t overpowering. As this is a serial, each book picks up immediately where the other left off. At the end of book two’s review, I put something out there that I wish didn’t happen – ‘I’m going to be sorely disappointed, scratch that – make it pissed off, if Natalie gives in to Flynn’s BDSM lifestyle desires like a bowling pin’. Guess what happened.

Argh! I can’t even describe to you how frustrated I kept getting, the more I read. I expected more of the romance side of their relationship. I expected to see them working through their bi-coastal issues and being a married couple and blending their two very different families. I expected to see Natalie grow into a confident woman, regardless of who she married. I expected to find out more about her family. I expected to find out what might happen with her relationship with her mother – some kind of closure or beginning. I expected so much and I was confident that with 3 books, it was doable. But instead, I think what I got was … heck I don’t know what I got except a lot of sex. I mean, A LOT.

This story does take place in a short time frame (about 2 months), as do most of the stories I read from this author. From a time frame perspective, I’m not convinced that Natalie’s eager participation in the BDSM lifestyle that Flynn was interested in would happen that quickly. And that’s not me being temperamental; that’s me remembering that Natalie was repeated raped, tortured and held captive when she was 15 years-old and she started out the series saying that she will never have sex with a man unless she was married; and that she still had nightmares about being raped; and she recently had to start back seeing her psychiatrist. There’s nothing about that scenario that would convince me that Natalie would concede in that kind of a time frame, if she conceded at all.

The sex wasn’t even the only thing that Natalie caved on. Anything that Flynn did or wanted, she caved. At the end of book 2, Natalie left Flynn because he’d lied to her about something really big in their marriage. Instead of going back to her apartment in NY where her roommate still lives and Flynn’s already paid her rent for the upcoming year, Natalie goes back to Flynn’s NY apartment. Guess who’s there when she gets there? And not even a day has gone by before they’re back together. COME ON!

I’m still not sure why Natalie was the only one in the relationship to compromise. Flynn would say he would give up anything to have Natalie in his life. Yeah, that never happened. Not one thing did he have to give, other than having sex with other women. Whatever kink Flynn wanted, Flynn got. There’s one scene where Natalie actually used her safe word and I was so disappointed that was the only thing she used it on. Because there were so many other times when pain was involved and she just sucked it up until it the sensation change to ‘pleasure’.

I don’t know, folks. This whole BDSM/FSoG-like thing is harshing my mellow.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: C

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by M.S. Force
Release Date: April 28, 2015

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