Review: Doctor’s Love by Violet Jackson

doctors loveReviewed by Shelly

This is a novella so I’m not sure why it was decided that the blurb should give a synopsis of the entire story. It’s the same feeling when you see the preview for a movie, then watch the movie and realize the previews were good enough. This was a poorly told story for a topic that had potential. There were enough things in the blurb that suggest a challenge and would make for good reading. So even with the blurb’s apparent tell, I expected a good story.

There was so many things that would have made for interesting conflict and blend in to make a good story – the difference in their ethnicity, possible conflict with Meeka’s son and a new man in his mother’s life, the difficulty of managing a single mom’s responsibilities, managing a full time college class load – even if it’s online, managing a full time job all the things that would suggest that Meeka doesn’t have the time or energy for anyone else in her life.

Surprisingly, the conflict between Meeka and Rick wasn’t any of those things. Instead it was the dumbest thing I’ve read in a long while. Even in fiction, I expect things to make sense and I’m still trying to find out why that situation for which Rick was getting sued wouldn’t have sorted itself out in an investigation. And the resolution didn’t ring believable.

The story focused more on the sex between Rick and Meeka than it did about their relationship and romance. That made it hard to me to get to know, and therefore like, either the H/h. There was much more told about Meeka than was told about Rick. But what I didn’t understand was why after 2 years Meeka couldn’t talk about her dead husband, Malik, but in the same breath she reminded her son Malik who his father was and would always remain. How do you not want to talk about your child’s dead father but want your child to remember his dead father? There was too much of this kind of poor explanations that I found with Meeka.

Then there’s Rick. I have no idea who this guy is because all we know about him is what we find out when he comes over to Meeka’s apartment and they have sex. There’s a single scene where he visits Meeka at her job and might have shown his interest in getting to know Meeka as a person outside of the bedroom but that was the beginning of another sex scene.

Overall, the characters, setting, plot, conflict and resolution were all flat and didn’t come together to make any kind of a story that I would consider recommending.

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Rating: F

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Doctor’s Love
by Violet Jackson
Release Date: March 12, 2015

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