Review: Glutton for Pleasure by Alisha Rai

glutton for pleasureReviewed by Shelly

I’ve seen this author’s work around for quite some time but I’ve never been inclined to give it a try. I’m glad I finally did. I liked this one so much that I already have the second book in the Pleasure Series on my TBR. Considering this was originally published in ’09, it still holds up as a good read with ménage (m/f/m) content.

The Callahan brothers, Jace and Marcus, have always preferred bedding the same woman. If they can bed her together, that’s ideal. Once Jace sees Devi Malik during a restaurant visit, he’s immediately besotted and wants her for himself and twin, Marcus. The shy, sheltered Devi is the chef at her family’s Indian themed restaurant and how she even gets involved in these guys is quite interesting – thanks to one of her older, loving yet meddlesome sisters.

I stay away from ménage stories about brothers, especially twins. There’s just something that I’m not a fan of anymore after reading another story about twins where the twins ended up being incestuous. That story completely ruined me for that content, I mean completely; this is my redemption attempt and Rai didn’t disappoint. I can’t decide who I enjoyed more, Jace or Marcus. Jace is the nice, sweet, wear his feelings on his sleeves kind of guy and that made him very easy to fall for. I mean, what sane woman wouldn’t want a guy who appreciates everything about her, from the clothes she wears to the way her face crinkles when she concentrating. But even with that, it’s not a given for Jace. He’s got feelings like the next person and he certainly doesn’t enjoy those feelings getting trampled on. For me, his finest moments and when his personality really shines are when he isn’t just that nice guy particularly with Devi or Marcus.

Marcus on the other hand is the silent, brooding, you never know what he’s thinking kind of guy because he’s always… well, he’s always got his ‘mean’ face on. I was surprised even with that, he was still likable because you could see where he tried to do better, mainly in communicating with both Jace and Devi. He even has a charming side that that gave this reader a nice fuzzy moment, just one though – can’t over do.

Another thing that I also enjoyed in this story is that Rai didn’t just give these three an HEA without them working for it. Devi has quite a bit to overcome, and it’s not that Jace and Marcus don’t either but they have fewer people that they have to convince that this relationship makes them happy. Devi has not just her sisters, but her very traditional mother, who although is very loving, isn’t going to be happy with ‘this makes me happy, Mom’. I like that kind of tension, a lot.

Not to be outdone, the bedroom shenanigans are anything but traditional or conservative. It’s no holds barred among the three and Devi might be the biggest culprit of them all. I’m really looking forward to the next story in the series.

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Rating: B

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Glutton for Pleasure
by Alisha Rai
Original Release Date: March 1, 2009
Re-Release Date: June 29, 2014
Publisher: Samhain

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