Review: The Best Medicine by Elizabeth Hayley

best medicineReviewed by Janell

This book turned out differently than I thought it would, and that’s a good thing. I was worried that I’d accidentally picked up a book with a controlling alphahole who issued ultimatums with sexy stares. It turns out that Scott only wishes he were a controlling alphahole, but Lauren sees through it.

Lauren has just incited a small riot at a bar, and needs to earn money to pay for the damages. She’s in grad school and doesn’t have a real job. Her mother, a nurse, gets her a job at the hospital clinic where she works. Scott is the doctor in charge.

He was gorgeous. And she realized as soon as she saw his cocky stance and condescending smirk that he was well aware of that fact. Lauren loved interacting with guys like Dr. Jacobs. All arrogant and superficial. She had learned early that guys like him were easily thrown by girl like her. Girls who weren’t impressed with shiny cars and perfect smiles.

So what’s cool is, Scott’s putting down this attitude, and Lauren’s all, nope, not picking that up. She totally gets all of his innuendo, and she teases him about it. She is DTF (isn’t that how the kids these days say it?), so she has no reason to put him off other than to have a little fun. But it’s a temporary job, he won’t be her boss for very long, so when he comes right out and propositions her, she’s cool with it.

Scott is wary of commitment, of course. His parents divorced, his mother is a shrew, blah blah “I don’t date and it’s over when I say it’s over.” He’s sexy enough that if one woman doesn’t like his conditions, he can easily find another who does. But he likes Lauren because she teases him. He kind of keeps following her to the cafeteria for lunch and eavesdropping on her phone conversations, and then joining in because why isn’t she intimidated by his sultry stare, dammit?!

What’s a little odd about this book is that Lauren is taking a course on intimacy and sexuality, and Scott is in therapy. They’re alternating narrators, so we get to learn with Lauren that intimacy involves sharing things about yourself that you wouldn’t share with just anyone. And we see Scott’s therapist tell him that he’s living behind a facade. It’s a shortcut way to tell the reader what’s going on with these characters, and I would consider it lazy storytelling except that it’s consistent throughout the book. It’s not like Lauren goes to one class and has a revelation, or Scott goes to therapy one time and is told that he’s in love. They do these things repeatedly, in conjunction with their fling, so it’s not so much a plot device as it is just another side of the characters. So, I don’t know, I’m okay with it.

Lauren and Scott learn and grow. They tell each other things. Scott has a revelation: “Someone else’s feelings were more important than his cock. It was a relatively novel thought for him.” He’s such an amusing, self-absorbed, charming dick. And he’s kind of a puppy around Lauren, which he she calls him on. Lauren does not take crap. I had lots of fun reading this, and it was delightfully steamy.

Rating: B+

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The Best Medicine
by Elizabeth Hayley
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Publisher: Signet

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