Review: Sugarbaby by Crystal Green

sugarbabyReviewed by Shelly

I don’t know what I was thinking but apparently I wasn’t, because this is a billionaire story. If you’re a fan of stories where his money status excuses most of his behavior, then you might like this one. For me the story was just meh especially with the heroine being so young.

I didn’t read the first book in the series and this read as if I should have. There’s some history between the majority of the characters that were referenced. Jayden is a 20 year-old college student who waitresses to put herself through community college. She’s had some trouble in the town and is remembered as the girlfriend of the high school QB who cheated on him with another male student. So like in every small town, everyone’s in everyone else’s business; that’s the good and the bad about small towns. Jayden understands this and she can’t wait to be able to leave her small town to become a physician.

One day, into the restaurant walks Noah Reeves. Jayden immediately feels the attraction even knowing that he’s a rich guy who can have any girl he wants. Noah’s past is a complicated thing in light of his family, their business, and the dynamics that played into Noah being removed as the head of the family business.

Jayden was a nice enough character. I was really undecided towards her. There was nothing about her that I either liked or disliked. I did enjoy the friendships that she had but I wasn’t too sure about the relationship she had with her older cousin. There was some anger there that I didn’t really get and then the resolution wasn’t satisfying at all. I kind of got the feeling I was supposed to be sympathetic towards her for taking care of her uncle in his later years, but nope, I didn’t feel it.

Then there’s Noah who acted like a spoiled child. Maybe he was really in denial about his mental status – I don’t know. But as a grown up who’s a billionaire, I expect him to use the resources at his disposal. I liked his best friend/valet much more than I liked him. There wasn’t much to this story, it’s short. Even with the billionaire status, I wanted to like this story but in the end I was a bit confused with the different characters and the dynamics of their relationships. The writing was a little repetitive for me especially about Noah’s financial status. Speaking of which, Jayden seemed to waver in her firm stance regarding Noah not communicating when he presented her with ‘gifts’. That was very telling, but unfortunately I expected her to be that way.

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Rating: C

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by Crystal Green
Release Date: May 19, 2015
Publisher: InterMix

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