Review: The One That Got Away by Bethany Chase

one that got awayReviewed by Shelly

Noah, Sarina’s boyfriend of 5 years is away in Argentina for a work assignment. In the scheme of things, it’s a relatively short term assignment and is important to him and the firm where he’s an attorney. Both he and Sarina were okay with the long distance because 1) it wasn’t forever 2) they could still communicate via modern technology 3) they’re these wonderful things called airplanes that can take you back and forth. While Noah is away, Sarina’s one night stand, Eamon, is back in Austin. Eamon announces that he’s there to stay and wants to set down roots (i.e. buy a house.) As an architect, Eamon hires Sarina to design the renovation for his home. It’s during this extended time that Sarina’s feelings toward both Noah and Eamon change.

I’m pretty sure when I initially read the blurb I expected a romance with ‘humor and heartbreak’. What I expected and what I got were not the same, and not in a good way either. There was never, and I mean never, a point where I liked Sarina. I can’t tell you how many times I had to put down this book because I was so disgusted by her and the way she treated Noah once she decided that Eamon was better suited for her. I saw it coming early. I’m still not sure what about Eamon, who’s a man who cheats and is okay with a woman who cheats, would make him a good person to depend on for a long term commitment.

Let me back up a second here. In their prior life, about 8 years ago, Sarina slept with Eamon… once… ergo, the one that got away. And since then she’s wondered why he didn’t stay when she was clearly so interested. That made me chuckle because I know why a college aged guy would sleep with a(ny) girl, don’t we all? What I found disingenuous here with Sarina is that once Eamon came back into her life and while she’s still dating Noah, all of a sudden Noah doesn’t understand her. Noah wants to get married; she’s not sure she’s ready. Noah wants kids; she doesn’t want to give up her work to raise her children. Noah’s sense of humor is different from hers. I’m completely slack jawed ,because wait a hot second here – so Noah was a smart, funny, good looking, guy – the man I want to marry until something/someone better, Eamon, comes along? Alrighty then.

Then the pièces de résistance was when that hooker cheated on Noah. I’m like ‘no she didn’t’ but sadly she did. That’s when I gave up on me ever liking this chick. And let me not get started on that stud (insert sarcasm to the nth degree) Eamon who’s okay with sleeping with a girl who’s got a boyfriend of 5 years. But that’s okay, because when he slept with Sarina back in the day he had a girlfriend, they’re just weren’t exclusive – argh, I don’t even know what that means. But I digress.

His rational was that Noah’s not making Sarina happy. Really Eamon? You know this because you met Noah one time and you were snotty and rude to him because he said his parents didn’t like jet-skis and would rather be in a boat? That’s how you decide that they’re not compatible? Or is it because Noah’s out of the country working on something for his company that both he and his girlfriend, Sarina, decided was a good move for his career – and she’s easy pickings?

And for all that’s holy, seriously… what’s with Danny? Noah’s been nothing but nice to you and you were okay with Sarina and Noah before Eamon came along. Never mind, I don’t want to know anything about any of these people, not one of them. The only person I liked was Noah, who was a nice guy. He’s already been through a divorce and wants to do the right thing in this relationship and there was nothing about that man that I would have left him for, absolutely nothing. My spidey sense can already pick-up that the next girl that Noah gets involved with is going to have a challenge on her hands.

I’m still trying to figure out how you give up a 5 year relationship with someone you claim to love and immediately move right into another one. She didn’t even wait for the weekend to be over. This is one on the ‘not for me list’ because I HATE cheaters.

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Rating: D

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The One That Got Away
by Bethany Chase
Release Date: March 31, 2015
Publisher: Ballantine Books/Random House

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