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deeper1Reviewed by Shelly

This is Allyn Lesley’s debut novel and I was lucky enough to snag a copy for review. I’ve not read a really good romance/suspense in a long while and immediately after finishing this I promptly initiated – Project: Where’s Book 2. Deeper is the first in the Deeper Chronicles and I’m not sure if the story will conclude in the next book or not or if we’re looking at a serial. That being said, be warned this has a cliffhanger and while the H/h are together at the end of this part of the story, I wouldn’t call it either a HFN or HEA.

Twenty four year old Avianna Linton moved from a very small town in Florida to the over populated area of Harlem/Manhattan in New York. Since she’s moved there she’s been working at an elementary school teacher and just really minding how own business and not making any friends. It’s not until fellow teacher, Sophie, befriends her that Avianna begins to branch out of her comfort zone. The story doesn’t start off with a bang; instead it’s a slow progression to finding out the moving parts that affect Avi and Noah. As Avi gets to know Sophie and her family, small secrets are revealed.

Sophie’s family, it turns out, all seem to somehow be involved in Noah’s world, or is it the other way around? But Avi’s not as innocent as I initially thought. Her secrets are actually weighing her down and holding her back from living. Even more to my surprise, I didn’t feel sadness for her because she’s neither weak nor easily led; she’s just got baggage, albeit in a difference suitcase, like the rest of us.

Noah Adams is a thug. I’m not even going to try to paint him in some kind of a good light because there’s nothing about Noah that good. He’s a commanding, power hungry, drug pimping, gun running thug who’s in a position of power and he’s not willing to give that up – nor do I want him to because dear readers, he makes a formidable hero. I’m reading about this compelling, 33 year- old ruffian who’s served his country in Afghanistan and has very few friends, no one to call family other than a cop he can’t claim as family and I found myself turning the pages to find out more. How did he get into what he’s doing? Why did Harry stop talking to him? How can he serve in country as a soldier then turn around and become a drug dealer? How? When? Why?

As the layers peel back in both Avi and Noah separate lives, their worlds begin to entangle more and more until a big part of Avi’s past is revealed, and even I was shocked. Their budding attraction grows and becomes something that neither of them wants to continue avoiding. Let me back up a second for those of your interested in the ‘romance’ part of this story. Noah wants Avi, not for love and romance but just for the sex because she’s… well-proportioned and Noah’s got needs. Avi other the other hands thinks that Noah’s got appeal but she’s not willing to take a chance on something that she knows will hurt her and she made a promise a long time ago and she’s not willing to break that promise. She held him off for a good while and didn’t just cave at the first whisper in her ear.

There’s a lot going on in Deeper and it was enough to have kept me flipping the pages. I’m ready to read the next book to find out how Noah’s going to deal with all of his demons and how Avi’s going to deal with Noah and her demons. Oh, and the bad guy – well he’s pretty awesome too.

Shameless plug – I would really like to see Gavin and Sophie have a little somethin’ somethin’ of their own. Good stuff.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: B+

*Book provided by author for review

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by Allyn Lesley
Release Date: April 23, 2015


  1. allyn lesley says:

    Red Hot Books and Shelly:

    Thank you so much for accepting my review request. Shelly, thank you for your honesty, and in book two we see much more of Noah. *lowers voice* I hear you about Sophie and Gavin :). Have a great day.

  2. Harper Miller says:

    Yay Allyn!!!! Great review Shelly! 😀

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