Review: Do Geek Girls Dream of Electric Sweeties? by Sierra Brave

do geek girls dreamReviewed by Shelly

I don’t think ‘geek’ means what it used to mean. Mary Allison is a graphic novel artist and author who has a crush on her editor, Holden. Holden’s had a thing for Mary Allison since he began working as her editor. This is a novella and read quickly.

Before I start, I’ll gladly admit that this novel is ‘not for me’. I’ve read more than one book where I either disagree with the subject matter or didn’t care for the characters, but the story was compelling. I didn’t find that in this case. I thought there was a lot of potential with the plot but when I read a romance, I expect romance. I really do.

There’s no build up of Holden and Mary Allison’s romance or sexual exploits; within the first chapter Holden’s hands are already down Mary Allison’s pants. After a phone call interrupts them and beckons Holden to another author’s home, Mary Allison tags along to help. Somewhere along the line, she begins to have doubts – not too many though. They didn’t last long and they certainly didn’t prevent her from her social life with her gay best friend, Donnie, and the gay bar where she feels welcome and appreciated. Oh, okay – no pause to contemplate Holden and you’re blatantly inviting him to your home to have sex with him, huh? And I’m supposed to believe that this is a romance between these two people. I’m still waiting for the ‘geek’ in Mary Allison to present itself because I really couldn’t get over her attitude with Holden.

Not only was I not a fan of Mary Allison, I’ve got such a sour taste in my mouth for the 90% of the dialogue in this story. This dialogue and story is for an audience that is not me. For being such a short story, I expect most, if not all, of the scenes to included Mary Allison and Holden but that’s not the case. Mary Allison and Donnie’s relationship took a big chunk. Donnie’s favorite term of endearment for Mary Allison is ‘bitch’ or ‘boo’. Seriously? Ugh, there so much about the content of this story that just didn’t ring a bell with me.

Although Holden was a more likable character I thought too much time was dedicated to he and Mark’s, his best friend, relationship. Mark is a disgusting pig who can’t seem to take the time to flush the toilet, why would I want to read about a character like this in a novella much less a romance? WHY?

Take heed of the warning ‘no closed bedroom doors (or other rooms)’ because it’s true which again I’m not a fan of.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: D

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Do Geek Girls Dream of Electric Sweeties?
by Sierra Brave
Release Date: June 5, 2015
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave

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