Review: Fearless by Lauren Gilley

fearless1Reviewed by Carrie

My MC-book loving friends… have I got a treat for you! This book was originally released as a serial but is now packaged as one big honkin’ book. A 700+ page novel that you will want to set away for when you have the time to sit and indulge because you will not want to stop. If alpha bikers, forbidden romance, violence, suspense and the brotherhood of an MC are your thing, then keep reading.

After being away at college for 5 years, Ava Teague has come home to attend grad school.  However, “home” isn’t any ordinary home.  Ava grew up as the daughter of Ghost, the Vice President of the Lean Dogs MC.  Her life was very different from her peers. When she left for college, she packed up that biker girl and tried to become someone more acceptable, more normal.  This “new” Ava returns, with her preppy boyfriend in tow, just as her father is elevated to President of the club.  Ava realizes that she may not have changed as much as she thought when a ghost from the past shows up to remind her of all she left behind.

Felix “Mercy” Lecuyer is the sexy Cajun enforcer for the Lean Dogs.  14 years ago he left his native New Orleans for the home chapter in Knoxville to guard Ghost’s wife, Maggie, and their 8 year old daughter, Ava during a club war.  In the years that follow, he becomes entrenched in the family as Ava’s constant companion.  A relationship that began as somewhat fatherly grows into something deeper as time goes on, but eventually becomes broken.

With another club war on the horizon, Mercy is once again tasked with guarding Ava. This time, Mercy isn’t about to let the past get in the way and is ready to fight for a possible future with her. The story then flips between the present and past as Ava and Mercy’s history unfolds. The author does a great job of really digging deep and slowly showing the changes. Their relationship comes off more as kismet than skeevy. They are like magnets that are drawn together whenever in each other’s vicinity and they complement each other beautifully.  Mercy is the dark to Ava’s light.  Mercy has a whole host of ghosts that constantly chase him, with good reason.  He’s done a lot of very bad things. He is so fiercely loyal and adoring of Ava because she teaches him that he is still worthy of love despite his deeds.

There were two minor things that bugged me. The story varies POV throughout the book, but there is little notice of a change in character and sometimes I felt like it interrupted the flow of the story.  Also, the descriptions were a little long winded (think Kristen Ashley). Perhaps it was because it was originally a serial?  I felt all the characters were richly drawn and their feelings palpable. I especially loved Maggie as the tough no-nonsense biker queen who put all the men in their place.  I also really enjoyed Ava’s love/hate relationship with her brother Aiden.  I’m very curious to see where the author takes Aiden’s bff, Tango’s, character.

I loved that this book was so long that I just fell in deep with these characters.  After luxuriating in their world for some time, I had a hell of a book hangover when I was finished! Thankfully, book 2 is already ready for me to jump into! If you are fans of Madeline Sheehan and/or Susan Fanetti, this should be right up your alley.

Rating: A-

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by Lauren Gilley
Release Date: January 12, 2015

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