Review: Fury of the Demon by Diana Rowland

fury of the demonReviewed by Jen

I’ll admit, I am still kind of reeling from the hard left turn Diana Rowland took with this series in the last book.  I still miss the police angle. I still mourn what could have been with Ryan. But either you have to embrace what the books have become or you need to let them go. Even though I am kind of bummed out, I am trying to roll with it.  The bottom line, these are still good books. They’re just good in a different way. That being said, however, this is probably my least favorite so far in the series.

As the story begins, Kara is back in the demon realm, having spent the past four months training with  Mzatal to become stronger in the arcane. They are looking for an opportunity to get Idris back, since he has been kidnapped by the evil demon lords. Kara and Mzatal are deeply connected in just about every way. And while I am glad she has found someone she can love and trust, I am not feeling them. I don’t hate the pairing, I’m just very lukewarm about it. (She was supposed to be with Ryan, dammit! And the deeper we get into the story, the more Rowland beats us over the head with fact that that is never going to happen.)

Anyway, Kara finally makes her way back to earth and essentially the book is about her and Mzatal trying to track down where the bad guys have taken Idris and who the lords are working with in the human realm.  The world continues to grow, with the introduction of even more new characters and deeper backstory to Rhyzkahl’s machinations on earth. Rowland also ties in elements from the previous books to build into what’s happening here, giving the events a more connected feel, which I appreciate.

The best things, though, for me came in development of the characters I already know and care about. Like Zach. He’s got big stuff happening here and honestly, his scenes and revelations had more impact on me than any other in the book. Ryan, of course, though I clearly have issues there. And Kara. She is really struggling and it’s all tied in to what Rhyzkahl did to her in the last book. I also appreciate that Rowland acknowledges the massive shift her life has taken.  Kara has changed, but so has everything else in her absence: her home, her friends, even her car. It all plays in to the massive identity crisis Rhyzkahl has laid the groundwork for.

I feel like we are building for more Big Picture developments and revelations –about demonkind and humanity. And of course, Kara will be smack dab in the middle of it all. Remember when she was a cop who ate too many donuts and just summoned demons on the side?  (*sigh*)

Before I wrap up, I do have to give Rowland big props for a massive betrayal fake out that really made me believe that the entire world had turned upside down. Well played. And thank you for not taking the story the way that it seemed.

Rating: B/B-

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Fury of the Demon
by Diana Rowland
Release Date: January 7, 2014
Publisher: DAW


  1. You’re really flying through this series. I think you just have one left to be caught up. I’ve really enjoyed revisiting the series through your reviews.

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