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safe at lastReviewed by Jaimie

My love of all things Maya Banks continues with Safe At Last, the newest installment in her Slow Burn series. While this one has my favorite couple of the series so far, I must admit there were a few things in the book that drove me a little batty, which is a first for me with Maya. Safe At Last is Zach and Anna-Grace’s story and it had less of the psychic elements that the first two books had which some may prefer. As a warning though, if rape is a trigger for you then you will want to avoid this one, although it was not an overly graphic scene.

Zach Covington is one of the youngest members of Devereaux Security, but is also one of their most dedicated employees. He walked away from a lucrative career as a star quarterback in the pros, and while no one really knew why, it was clear he had his own demons to sort through. Twelve years earlier Zack returned from college expecting to find his younger girlfriend waiting for him as usual. Instead, she had disappeared without a trace and he has spent every moment he can, trying to find out what happened to the woman he loved.

Anna-Grace has spent the last 12 years trying to put the most horrific night of her life behind her. The knowledge that the person she loved the most was the one that betrayed her had almost destroyed her, but she has slowly built a new life immersing herself in her art. The only person she can rely on is her friend, and gallery owner, Wade Sterling, who is helping her showcase her art for the first time. Leaving her heart on the canvas, Anna-Grace struggles with whether to allow her most personal piece of art to be displayed in the show.

When Wade decides to hire Devereaux Security to ensure there are no issues at Anna-Grace’s showing, Zach is immediately wary of the gallery owner. After Wade’s assistant comes running out with the primary piece of art for the show, Zach’s heart stops and he almost blacks out. The picture is of his and Gracie’s special spot and seeing the initials AG at the bottom of the painting, Zach loses it and starts demanding to know the identity of the artist. Wade demands that they leave and at that moment Anna-Grace comes running in to the gallery and everything goes to hell.

So when I said there were a few things that drove me a little batty, one was that the character internal narrative was very repetitive. We must have read ten times that Zach had planned to settle down and have a family and a nice house with Gracie. Or how betrayed Gracie had been without actually knowing what it was that had traumatized her so badly. The second thing was that it took so long to get the story of what had happened that fateful night twelve years earlier.

That aside, I loved Zach and was really rooting for him. Gracie kind of annoyed me at the beginning, but once she moved out of victim mode she became much more likeable and by the end I loved these two together. The friendship between Zach and Eliza was also a really huge part of why I enjoyed the book and seeing who she’s going to end up with – I cannot wait for that story!!

Overall this was a really sweet, emotional story and the characters went through a lot to get to their HEA. I love that Ramie, Ari and Gracie are determined to show their men that they are not delicate flowers and I’m looking forward to seeing more of this girl power. Great addition to the series.

Rating: B

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Safe at Last
by Maya Banks
Release Date: June 23, 2015
Publisher: Avon

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