Review: Secrets of the Demon by Diana Rowland

secrets of the demonReviewed by Jen

I loved the ending of this book!

The journey is pretty good too. But I feel like this is one of those stories that builds and builds.  It drops great little breadcrumbs along the way. Then… boom! It drops a great old bomb on you at the end that makes you want to toss your real life onto the back-burner, so you can pick up the next installment.  If you are thinking about jumping into this series, by the way, do yourself a favor and start at the beginning. You could enjoy this book as a standalone, but the continuing threads are what ratchet the excitement to the next level.

As the story begins, Kara is working on the special task force with Zach and Ryan. She is about three months into her three-year binding to Rhyzkahl, and Ryan is none too happy about it. Despite this, the two of them are still doing their do we want to be more than friends? dance, and honestly, it’s starting to get on my nerves. Anyone with eyes can tell Ryan and Kara are totally into each other, but then there is that pesky demon lord she is still sleeping with and Ryan’s obvious secrets.  So maybe it’s not so simple. But it SHOULD BE, darn it!

Anyway, the gang is on assignment in New Orleans, investigating a possible demonic threat against a band from their hometown.  Sure enough, someone –or something– attacks the lead singer and the gang only saves her by the skin of their teeth.  When they get back home, they realize young Lida isn’t the only victim.  In fact, she is the lucky one; she’s the only victim who has survived.  Kara has to figure out what the victims have in common, who is directing their killer –and why.

If that weren’t enough, something is targeting Kara too, and it looks like her relationship with Rhyzkahl is to blame. So there is tension there. There is tension with Ryan. There is even tension with her aunt. Poor Kara is kind of a mess, which is kind of one of the things I like about her. She is smart and a good cop and a skilled summoner, but she is a stupid human just like the rest of us when it comes to relationships.  She struggles with how to be a friend to Jill and how to interact with Ryan when she wants him, but doesn’t know if he wants her. It’s so easy to relate to, despite all of the supernatural and over the top danger going on all around them.

As always, Diana Rowland does a fantastic job blending the police procedural with all the paranormal happenings. I never figure the mysteries out on my own, but Kara makes total sense when she does it. The pacing is good. The dialogue is good. But honestly, the best part is the unfolding dynamic with Kara, Ryan, and Rhyzkahl. Rowland is slowly giving us answers, but they are only making me hungrier for more. That’s a sign she is doing something right! (And a sign I will lose my mind if I can’t find out what happens next.)

I would be going so crazy right now if I had to wait for book 4.  Instead, I’m jumping into that bad boy right now.

I would recommend these books, folks.

Rating: B+

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Secrets of the Demon
by Diana Rowland
Release Date: January 4, 2011
Publisher: DAW

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