Review: Silver and Dust by CV Larkin

silver and dustReviewed by Jen

I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed the central romance and found some of the elements to be compelling. But I had some difficulty following along at times and there were enough spelling and punctuation errors to take me out of the story even further.

The story’s hero is Eamon, a Sidhe who has served the Unseelie Queen for ages. For the very first time, he is questioning his loyalty, because of the revelation that Sio should be the true king. He realizes that his master didn’t deserve his loyalty and now he is working for Sio, trying to put things right.

Pixie is a human artist who can see through glamour when she takes her medication. That is how she saw Sio’s true form and began painting him over and over again. Her art exhibit filled with his image brought the Fae to her door, but unfortunately, she doesn’t only see the beauty of the Sidhe, but the worst of it too. Someone is raising ghouls that are eating Pixies in the city –and our heroine can see the carnage firsthand.

So here is a perfect example of how the book gets confusing. Our heroine is called Pixie and the ghouls are killing pixies. Pixie with a capital “p” is a human watching pixies with a lowercase “p” get eaten. Things like that and having characters with similar names (like Aiteas and Aednat) in the same scenes. But honestly, those were just the little things.

Thankfully, there was a brief recap at the beginning of the book. I read Ash to Embers, but I needed that reminder. It wasn’t enough, though. These books are complicated, which would be fine if it were all laid out clearly, but it’s not. Things are especially murky when it comes to Xavier, Royal, and Ceyla, which is a crying shame because there is some great angst brewing in that secondary storyline. I just had only a very vague idea of what was going on. Maybe it was explained better in book 1, but I don’t remember! And I don’t really understand what Xavier did to Ceyla when he marked her and I reread it over and over. Maybe I am thick.

I liked the dynamic between Pixie and Eamon. I appreciated how her sincerity and her honest innocence and attraction really affected him. I believed in what grew between them and I enjoyed their romance. It was the best thing the book had going for it.

But what motivated our Necromancer? What prompted the ghoul infestation? We needed more on Brenwyn… why she was targeted or how. I had trouble caring or connecting to this part of the story. There’s really too much happening. Too many people. Too many different directions. Like with the cop and the assassin –and then the connection to Royal?

And then there were about a dozen typos and misspellings – not to mention comma issues.

I think there is something of value here. The author’s got some good stuff happening, but I had to work too hard as a reader and there were still some things I left the book, still not understanding.

But who knows? Maybe it will be easier for others to follow.

Rating: C

*ARC provided by author for review

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Silver and Dust
by CV Larkin
Release Date: April 17, 2015

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