Review: Touch of the Demon by Diana Rowland

touch of the demonReviewed by Jen

I am struggling with my feelings right now — struggling with what to make of this book, which essentially turns the entire series on its ear.  Is it good? Yes.  Let me say that first. It is a good book. In fact, it reached me emotionally more than the ones that came before it.  It is full of twists and turns and feelings and betrayal.  I was on the edge of my seat and had my heart in my throat more than once. Diana Rowland is a gifted author.

But. The main character has been plucked from the world and circumstances she has inhabited for the first four books. She is dropped into an entirely different dimension and it changes everything.  I felt like I was reading an entirely different series. What was once a police procedural with a paranormal element is now … Well, I don’t what it is anymore. Pure fantasy? Maybe? It’s entirely set in the demon world. No crime, no police, no urban half of the urban fantasy.

Not only is the setting different but so is the cast of characters. Yes, Rhyzkahl is there, but the nature of his relationship with Kara alters so drastically that he is almost unrecognizable. Ryan is on an entirely different plane, which is frustrating, coming off the big I love you reveal at the end of the last book.  And then, to shake things up even more, is the introduction of the demon lord Mzatal. Just when it seemed like there was one too many love interests in Kara’s life, now there’s yet another.

Side note. I am not one for slut shaming. I love sexually empowered female heroines, but I have real trouble with the idea of Kara being in love with one man while having sex with others. I would have the same issue if she were a guy. It is the romance reader in me. Kara, herself, struggles with the issue and I appreciate that it’s not ignored. But I don’t like taking such a scenic route to the romantic HEA. It makes it hard for me to believe in a love when it can be set aside for some good horizontal action.

Anyway, with all of those issues aside, it was a captivating read.  Rowland really puts Kara through the wringer and the things she sees and learns shake her very foundation. She has to endure a lot, which makes for some difficult reading at times, but it also made me emotionally invest in the character even more.  Other than her extremely questionable romantic choices, Kara is quite an exceptional character. She is tough and she learns quickly. She respects the beings around her and… I just like her.

There are a ton of new characters and new species of demons introduced. I struggled at times to keep up with them all. But many, like Mzatal and Idris, are obviously big players in the future of these books.

I have no idea what the rest of the series will look like. I am mourning a little of what was lost, despite the fact that enjoyed the book, because I feel like we’re never going to be able to go back.  I liked this book, but I liked what the series was before too. I guess I need to wait and see what happens next.

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Touch of the Demon
by Diana Rowland
Release Date: December 31, 2012
Publisher: DAW


  1. I missed the police aspect in this book as well. While I enjoyed this book, it is probably my least favorite in the series.

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