Review: True North by Liora Blake

true northReviewed by Carrie

I found this book through my favorite book recommendation source – Twitter.  This is the first book I’ve read by Liora Blake and it most certainly will not be the last. She manages to breathe some fresh air into a contemporary rocker romance to give readers a tender, sweet and sexy read.

Three years ago, Kate Mosley lost her beloved husband in a car accident.  Yet, out of grief came a book which went on to become a best seller.  Kate didn’t mind so much the whirlwind book tour that her agent sent her out on, but now he wants to set up television interviews.  Kate has come to rely on the stability of her quiet life in rural Montana and is leery knowing full well Hollywood will want to talk about her husband’s death.  Begrudgingly, Kate accepts and suddenly finds herself on a late night talk show trading quips with a sexy rock star.  Though she is very flattered, she figures “Trax” was just flirting for the cameras and quickly dismisses him from her mind.

Trevor “Trax” Jenkins is virtually Kate’s opposite.  Loosely styled like an Eminem-type performer, he owes his musical career to getting himself and his family out of the ghetto.  There’s an obvious chemistry between Trax and Kate from the beginning but their differences are so far apart. He’s big pimpin’ while she’s more small town cerebral. Their subsequent dinner date proves to Trevor that he doesn’t want this connection to drop. Thus begins a courtship of mainly texts and phone calls.

Kate doesn’t understand what a guy who can have anyone would want a woman with the kind of baggage that she has.  Trevor sees Kate as a woman who he might be able to finally settle down with.  It’s a slow build as each tries to figure out how to fit together.  Trevor has to work to get Kate to see him as a possible future as Kate learns how to deal with the nastiness that comes with being with a public figure.

What I loved most is that both of them were completely honest with each other. Kate didn’t negate or dismiss her deceased husband.  She was able to recognize that they had a happy life but hers didn’t end when he passed away. Trevor was never afraid to lay his heart on the line for Kate and tell her exactly what he wanted.  Their sexy times were hot and intense!

I loved all the side characters from Kate’s obnoxious agent to her super fabulous stylist to her understated longtime friends/neighbors. I smiled throughout the whole book even as my heart ached.  This may be Blake’s debut book but it certainly reads like a seasoned writer. I am so happy to recommend this contemporary romance for anyone who would like to read a heartfelt story with self-confident characters willing to go the extra mile to get the love they seek – easily one of my favorites of 2015.

Rating: A

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True North
by Liora Blake
Release Date: April 6, 2015
Publisher: Pocket Star

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