Review: Wounded Hearts by Jayne Rylon

wounded heartsReviewed by Jen

Let me start out by saying that fans of the Men in Blue series love this book. All you need to do is check out its Goodreads page and you’ll find a sea of 4 and 5 star reviews. I say this first because before I started reading, I had no experience with this series. I was intrigued by the cover and sold by the blurb. I had no idea this was the fifth book in an erotic suspense series featuring BDSM and multiple menage stories. Thankfully (for me) those elements were only on the periphery here, but the erotic vibe is still very strong –and while there is a plot– the sex was a much bigger part of the story than I expected.

Let me start with the blurb that sparked my interest:

In the year since Ellie escaped The Scientist’s ghastly dungeon, she still can’t stop looking over her shoulder. Or stop feeling guilty over the man who sacrificed so much to save her.

He lost everything. His career, his aspirations—even part of his body. It’s no wonder he wants nothing to do with her. Too bad he’s the only man she can think about.

Lucas has vowed to stay away from Ellie, but not for the reason she thinks. The woman he craves doesn’t need to waste her life taking care of a man with a missing leg, not when she needs to focus on her own healing.

Despite the best matchmaking attempts of the Men in Blue—and their wives—the emotional and physical gap between them seems uncrossable. Until Ellie is threatened again, and the only choice is to work together until she’s safe.

But to stay in the land of the living, they’ll both have to fight through their pain—and relive a few nightmares—to guarantee their demons won’t destroy her future.

I love a tortured hero story, especially a physically wounded one. I loved the idea of Lucas overcoming his adversity to save Ellie from danger. But there are a few things the blurb left out. Like the fact that in Ellie’s captivity, she was forced to take a drug called …wait for it… Sex Offender, which gave her an uncontrollable need to orgasm. One she still struggles with. See, right there, if I knew that one thing, I would have never picked this up.

This is one of those series where everyone’s sex lives are just out there. The characters share more personal information with one another than most friends would. From knowing who tops between their two dominant friends, to multiple threesomes, to the array of sex toys the heroine needs. I like romance. I like sexual content. But it needs to be relatable for me on some level. This isn’t.

Does the author deliver on the premise of our wounded hero? Yes. (Though I appreciate her clear aims at accuracy, it sometimes went into more detail of amputee life than I needed.) I could have been ok with most of the other stuff that raised my eyebrows, but for one thing. The heroine is a sexual abuse survivor… who is constantly horny and wants to have sex with the hero all the time. I simply couldn’t wrap my brain around that. She was forced to have sex constantly with strangers, every which way, while held in captivity and less than a year later, she wants it more than a teenage boy without internet restrictions.

Add to that, I’m not sure what the Men in Blue exactly are. A special police group? Add to that, the suspension of disbelief required to buy into the plot, and I can say unresoundingly that this book was not for me.

I’ll leave you with this quote from the book:

“Is it possible that when he comes in me, either in my mouth or my pussy, the Sex Offender effects are diminished?”

Shari couldn’t help herself. “He’s got magic jizz?”

“Oh. My. God.” Ellie put her face in her palms. “I knew that was crazy, right?”

“Actually, no it’s not.”

YES IT IS. (*headdesk*) But his spunk cures her. Because they are in love. I just can’t….

*ARC provided by Samhain

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Wounded Hearts
by Jayne Rylon
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Publisher: Samhain


  1. There’s so much about this that I was to comment on but what really stands out is – ‘Magic jizz’? Seriously, someone thought it was a good idea to leave that in a book for adults?

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