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enduring loveReviewed by Shelly

One of my favorite movies is Move Over Darling which is a remake of My Favorite Wife which was based on Tennyson’s poem ‘Enoch Arden’. So when I saw the blurb for this story – it reminded me of the premise and I hoped for the best. This is a new to me author and while I can say that the length of the story wasn’t an issue for me, I’d like to mention that for the length of this story, I should have come away knowing a lot more of these people than I did.

After marrying in Latvia, Rebecca Balodis and Rhys Sudduth are in love and happy; unfortunately for the newlyweds, Rhys is called away to return to his native country, England, in order to tend to his dying father. Born and raised in Latvia, Rebecca is perfectly content to stay, but only because she’ll be able to join her husband in a month’s time. Four years later, the brother of the servant that took care of Rebecca and her son is determined to rescue his sister and Rebecca asks to be part of the escape. She leaves the home where she’s been held and escapes to England.

If you read the same blurb as I did, there’s mention in the blurb that Rebecca becomes ‘trapped in the turmoil plaguing her country’ and I expected that to mean there’s going to be some political intrigue with a nice blend of spy stuff and a smart heroine. I’m not sure what’s considered ‘turmoil plaguing her country’ because what I read didn’t have anything to do with her country as it did with a dude who thought Rebecca was his for the taking. But I digress.

When Rebecca gets to England, she immediately finds out that Rhys is on the verge of being engaged to another woman. I expected shock from Rhys and shock and outrage from Rebecca and what I got was some stupid and ridiculous silent communication with a few facial movements thrown in for good measure. There was no yelling, no fainting (as they did back in the tight corset days), nothing of the sort by Rebecca – just some nonsense about holding her head up and looking down her nose at folks.

It’s hard for me to say that I don’t like main characters, but I liked neither Rhys nor Rebecca and I didn’t care for the story that was delivered either. For the first 75% of the story, the dialogue between Rhys and Rebecca was non-existent. Instead, there was a lot of inner dialogue for both Rhys and Rebecca. I’m not asking for a lot here, but Rebecca could have a least had a conversation about what she was feeling when she arrived at Rhys door with her son only to find out about his other relationship.

Then there’s the way the Rebecca treated those around her. Now I’ve read many other historical romances, because that’s all I read when I first started reading romances when I was much younger, and I’m comfortable with saying that I enjoy reading about a heroine who has compassion and friendship for the servants who serve them. That will usually give me some inkling about their ability for compassion and empathy. But this chick Rebecca – not her, she was about separating herself as much as she could from those who served her – I wasn’t even mad about Molly. Except for her relationship with Sonja, which seemed more based on need than want, Rebecca couldn’t care less.

Rhys was an idiot. He’s in some kind of mental whiplash about who he loves, his wife or almost fiancée, Lady Susan Winters. And I about laughed out loud with his conundrum about making love to his wife and how would be disloyal to Susan. This made me chuckle – when Rhys called out Susan’s name while making love to Rebecca. That might have been an opportune moment for some dialogue between husband and wife, but silence is always better right?

The most interesting part of the story to me was the sabotage, assault and attempted murder, but even that couldn’t hold my interest, because I didn’t care about either Rhys or Rebecca. Maybe if I got to see this couple fall in love the first time, maybe see them fall in love again after the separation, maybe see some conversation between them about what happened to each of them in the time they were separated, maybe some talk of loneliness and longing, something… I might have liked them at least a little bit.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: D

*ARC provided by author for review

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An Enduring Love
by Wareeze Woodson
Release Date: January 19, 2015
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing

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