Review: Duty, Honor, Love by Angela Stone

duty honor loveReviewed by Shelly

I have more questions after reading this story than I should and I certainly don’t feel satisfied, either with the characters or what just happened. I felt like I was dropped in the middle of a series. I even triple checked the blurb to make sure that this wasn’t part of a series nor a spin off of another series. Yep, it’s neither. While I was looking for that, I also looked to make sure that I read the blurb correctly for the romantic pairing. Yep, nothing to suggest to me here that this is an m/m story, possibility an m/m/f or m/f/m but that’s what this turned out to be.

Initially there’s suggestion and plot direction about an m/f romance between Cameron and his female partner, Jaden. Supposedly bi-sexual Cameron has always liked Jaden, but partners being romantically involved are against the rules so he’s never pursued anything. It’s amazing how quickly that gets thrown to the wayside and shifts to Cameron and Paul. Paul’s known Jaden from a very young age and remains a steadfast and mentor-like figure in Jaden’s life. Paul’s convinced that Jaden is a reincarnation of his dead twin sister, Adeline, and they will share a mate. Paul’s neither sexually attracted to Jaden nor women in general. The creepy factor kept increasing as I read this especially when the sex scenes started. There’s a single m/m/f scene that made absolutely zero sense.

This isn’t a novella nor is it a short story so there was plenty of opportunity for more explanation for each of the characters and their motivations and possibly character development. It’s amazing to me that 20 year old Jaden has been a partner to Cameron, I don’t know how old he was supposed to be – I would guess in his mid to late 30’s, didn’t know much about each other. How do you build trust without knowledge? I guess because Jaden literally a mind reader and could read the minds around her that was supposed to make everything plausible. It didn’t.

Jaden’s relationship with Paul was the strangest thing ever. I swear, that whole thing about her being reincarnated as his twin sister and they would share a mate was the biggest bunch of crap. Think about the logistics on that for a second. I guess it could happen but you’d have to explain it to me in small words and very slowly.

I have no idea about anything about Jaden; nothing to make me like her. Everything that was explained about her was either from Paul’s biased mouth or it was explained to Cameron in a ‘they talked about it’ kind of way but not to the reader. There’s nothing about Cameron either. I kept thinking I should know more about these 2.I should have either liked or disliked them instead I was just ambivalent towards all 3.

I like a good paranormal romance with suspense as much as the next reader and this had the potential to be that, but the poorly developed characters kept getting in the way. As a reader, I want to treated with a modicum of respect and not just fed words.

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Rating: D

*ARC provided by author for review

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Duty, Honor, Love
by Angela Stone
Release Date: June 30, 2015
Publisher: Decadent Publishing

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