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midnight captiveReviewed by Jaimie

Midnight Captive is the sixth book in Elle Kennedy’s Killer Instincts series and for some reason, I wasn’t looking forward to this book as much as I have others in the series. It could be because I didn’t feel like we had enough info about Bailey and Sean, but despite my reservations, I loved the story like I always do. At the end we found out who the next book in the series is about and I am so excited!!! One thing I will say, though, is that I didn’t feel like the blurb was really representative of a few key things in the story.

Bailey Jones is a former CIA operative who, like all of Noelle’s girls, has serious heartache and tragedy in her past. Thanks to her contacts at the CIA, very little is known about her and she prefers to keep it that way. While watching tv with one of her teammates one day, a live feed of a hostage situation during a bank robbery makes Bailey’s heart stop. Someone inside the bank had secretly taped the robbers and even though all the gunmen are wearing masks, she would know that voice anywhere.

Sean Reilly cannot believe he’s stuck in a bank in the middle of a robbery, with no way out. After his brother is kidnapped by some people from their past, Sean has no choice but to quit Morgan’s team and rescue his twin. The price for getting his brother back is in that bank and somehow he has to get out alive. A plan is hatched that just may let him see his brother again but he hears someone moving in the vents overhead. The last person Sean ever expected to see come through the ceiling during that standoff, is the one woman he can’t get out of his mind.

Several months ago, Sean went to Bailey’s hotel room to let her know that his brother Oliver would not be able to make it that night. Despite the fact that he had fallen for Bailey as soon as he met her, Sean would never interfere in his brother’s relationship. When she opens the door instinct takes over and pretending to be his brother, seduces her. What Sean doesn’t know is that Bailey knew from the get go who she was sleeping with but she panics when she feels the connection, throws him out and uses that as a reason to avoid him. After having been around too many controlling men in her life, she lumps Sean in with all of them without giving him a fair chance. Putting the seduction and her reaction out of her mind, she rushes to help him when she sees the video because she knows there has to be a bigger reason he’s doing it. To say he’s not happy to see her in the middle of the whole situation is an understatement.

If I had a complaint about the book it would be how long it took to reveal that Bailey knew the whole time who she was with that night. I was also wondering how Sean and Oliver could be so close, yet Sean didn’t know that Bailey and Oliver had broken up months before he slept with her. That being said, these issues were minor and didn’t interfere with my enjoyment of the book.

One thing I absolutely loved was the progression of whatever is going on between Liam and Sullivan, and I really cannot wait to see how that all plays out. We got to see a little glimpse of Noelle and Jim’s new life together and how it is going with his daughter which I really liked. Hopefully we get to see more of the other couples in future books. The best part was the very end of the book when it was revealed that D’s book is going to be next. I immediately ran to Ms. Kennedy’s website and read the blurb and February 2016 cannot get here fast enough!!

While I wouldn’t say this one was one of my favorites of the series, overall it was a great read. There was fast-paced action, steamy sex scenes and two main characters that you will love. Everything I enjoy in a book!

Rating B-

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Midnight Captive
by Elle Kennedy
Release Date: June 2, 2015
Publisher: Signet

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