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my lady fayeReviewed by Jen

Though I love historical romance, I rarely venture beyond Regency-roms or the occasional highlander book. But I have to say, I really enjoyed this medieval love story. The title character is a woman who endured nearly a decade married to a horrible man who abused her. Now she has escaped his iron fist and is living back at her father’s keep with her two sons. She is trying to make a new life for herself, but her efforts are cut short when her eldest son is kidnapped by his father.

Gregory spent years as a warrior, but now he is finally free to pursue his lifelong commitment to becoming a monk. The only problem is, his heart is torn between his love for God and the woman whose husband he served for so long. Gregory has loved Faye as long as he has known her, but he knew she could never be his.  He couldn’t shield her from her husband’s violence, but he became her refuge –and she, his– for all those long years. Now that she needs his help to rescue her son, he can’t help but to walk away from his calling and come to her aid.

Together, Faye and Gregory embark on a journey to bring the child back home. And it takes no time at all for the love they feel for each other to come rushing back. There is so much delicious sexual tension here. Gregory’s desire to serve God is very real to him, but he loves Faye so much. When she finally speaks the words they have danced around all these years, his careful control begins to slip. Let me tell you, it’s such a pleasure to watch.

I found that I really liked both main characters. Faye has been through so much, but she has a great inner well of strength. She is so devoted to her children and is willing to risk everything to keep them safe. That goes a long way with me in showing what kind of person she is.  As for Gregory, the author does a very good job of making me believe in his struggle. He ached so much for this woman, yet truly thought they could never be together. Of course, that’s what makes it so satisfying when he finally gives in. And did I mention that he is a virgin? Every physical encounter between these two is basically awesome. Plus, the way he talks to her… I could feel his regard, his reverence, and his desire in almost every exchange. When he calls her “my lady Faye,” it’s kind of swoon-worthy.

Though this is book two in the Sir Arthur’s Legacy series, it stands up just fine as a standalone. The pacing is good. The characters are well drawn. And the love story is one that is easy to root for.  I would recommend this one.

Rating: B+

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My Lady Faye
by Sarah Hegger
Release Date: September 1, 2015
Publisher: Lyrical Press

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