Review: Second Chances by Reana Malori

second chancesReviewed by Shelly

A sexy interracial story (bw/wm) about two people who find love where they least expect it. Erica Parker lost her husband four years ago and never thought she’d find love again. Todd Atkins was a man who was happy being a bachelor and had never been in a long-term relationship. An unexpected meeting, in the most unlikely of places, will bring two people together and help them have a second chance at love.

I read another IR story by this author and thought there was enough potential that I should get some of her other stories. This is a fun, short read about Erica Parker and Todd Atkins. Erica’s a widow with a 4-year old son. While working at her second job at a local bowling alley, she meets millionaire entrepreneur Todd Atkins. Todd’s out with his friends just having a boys night out when he meets Erica and her son, Miles.

There’s no conflict or drama here, just a sweet romance that might be a bit too sweet. Erica and Todd start their relationship as friends and while friends to lovers is yes for me, I do enjoy a bit of skirmish thrown in for kicks and giggles. Although it was fun to read about it, I would have liked to see, versus being told about, their chemistry at more outings.

Erica’s husband has been dead for a while and she’s raised Miles with the help of her parents. She’s not been dating and hasn’t been looking either, so when Todd comes along she’s a bit hesitant in admitting her feelings much less saying anything to Todd. Then there’s Todd, whose business life as a CEO dictates a lot of his personal life. There’s nothing to dislike in this couple and while there’s nothing unique or earth shattering about this story, it’s still a good one.

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Rating: C

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Second Chances
by Reana Malori
Release Date: August 31, 2009

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