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taming the beastReviewed by Shelly

I enjoyed the 3rd story in the ‘Fairy Tales of New York’ series – a Beauty and the Beast theme – much more that I liked the previous book. Comparably, I thought the characters were much more likeable. As with the other stories this begins with a recap of the girls going to the same Catholic school and the night they drank stolen communion wine. Along the same lines as with the prior stories, this take place 10 years after that event. This time, it’s Mercedes Hernandez and Sebastian Madison’s turn.

Sebastian is the brother of Zelda, heroine from book 2, and is by far my favorite hero thus far. He’s complex – in a quiet, surly, single word answer, brash, and oh so broken way. There’s very little about Seb that I didn’t care for. I liked what he represented – a wounded young man who thought to solve his problems by serving in the French Foreign Legion (which I admittedly know don’t squat about except for what I’ve seen on the Jean-Claude Van Damme’s movie Legionnaire) and getting so lost in his own grief that he wasn’t able to become the guiding figure that his sister desperately needed. I really liked that every time he was asked a question he never once shirked giving an answer – no blubbering or ummm, just a straight forward honest answer. How refreshing.

With her family’s background in wine making, Mercedes (Merry) is back in the US from her native Argentina. She’s studying for her MBA so the plan is 2 years then she’s going back to her home country to continue her parents’ legacy – the winery. Picking up directly after book 2, Merry’s story starts off with her confrontation with Seb on Zelda’s behalf. That doesn’t work out the way that Merry hopes, because Seb doesn’t cater to her demands.

The flying sparks between Seb and Merry were fun, but the similarity in plot lines is repetitive and leaves me feeling like I’ve read the exact same story before, just with different names. For whatever reason, each of the heroines in this series, so far, has offered their hero ‘friends with benefits’.

I don’t like ‘hook ups’ between the H/h in my romance stories – it defeats the purpose of the ‘romance’. So far, the plotline of each story plays out the same.

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Rating: C

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Taming the Beast
by Lucy Knight
Release Date: June 29, 2015
Publisher: Tule Publishing

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