Review: Tempting the Knight by Heidi Rice

tempting the knightReviewed by Shelly

The second story in the ‘Fairy Tales of New York’ series is a Rapunzel tale that I didn’t particular care for. In comparison to book 1, I didn’t find it particularly romantic, which had a lot to do with the lightening fast speed that these two had their initial sex encounter. For this reader, there’s no fairy tale romance (not even in this ‘oblique’ version) in that – goodness gracious, it’s within the first 24 hours and they didn’t even like each other. How am I supposed to like it/them together when they clearly don’t?

The first 2 stories in this series, about 4 friends who went to the same Catholic school, have started out with their one commonality – the night they drank and got drunk on communion wine that they stole.

Ten years after their one and only encounter, Zelda and Tyrone meet again under not so great circumstances; Zelda’s arrest for disorderly conduct on Manhattan Beach (at midnight). Tyrone Sullivan, Faith’s brother is the attorney that Zelda calls to get her out of jail.

The daughter of a US Ambassador, Zelda Madison, is now a model. She’s rich, spoiled and selfish. There’s nothing about this heroine that I liked and I didn’t care for her getting this hero. Zelda’s past is tragic, yes, and to have happened at such a young age is even more traumatic. But as an adult, the way that she continually blamed her brother, Sebastian, for her woes was just too much for me. For all the times she expected something from Sebastian, I never saw her, not once, offer to do anything for her brother or even inquire about his well-being. He might not have been the brother she wanted, but she clearly wasn’t a decent sister either.

There’s nothing ‘bada*s’ about her; she’s too selfish to be given that title. She’s a model who constantly gets herself into one stupid mishap after another. I was surprised she didn’t have an agent to spin her stupidity. In the end, I found nothing redeeming about her.

Tyrone, the eldest Sullivan sibling, works for Legal Aid and wants to be the hero of the downtrodden and I’m sure he was to many, but to say that he could save Zelda was silly. After the jail incident, they went back to his barge (yes, barge) and had sex for the next 3 days. Even in a fairy tale, what are you saving her from? You have no idea who or what this woman is. She’s pretty, yes, because that’s her ONE job. That’s it! She doesn’t even have a passion outside of doing random stupid things.

I didn’t like Tyrone because of that pompous attitude about his family – he clearly thought he was better than them. After all, he went to Columbia University and is a lawyer and the best they can do is what’s back at the family bar. What’s to like about that kind of character in any hero?

The only thing that saved this story was the relationship and the dynamics with the 4 girls and the personality of Sebastian. He’s driven by something that I can only guess at. His is a story that I would like to know.

Happy Reading Folks!

Rating: D

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Tempting the Knight
by Heidi Rice
Release Date: June 22, 2015
Publisher: Tule Publishing

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