Review: What a Woman Needs by Judi Fennell

what a woman needsReviewed by Jaimie

This review is a little out of order since I have already reviewed What a Woman Gets which is the third book in the Manley Maids series by Judi Fennell, and Janell has reviewed the first book in the series What a Woman Wants. After reading What a Woman Gets I knew this was a series I would love, so I went back and read the second book in the series What a Woman Needs which is Bryan and Beth’s story. I loved this one and rooted for them from the get-go. There was no mystery or action, just a sweet love story.

Bryan Manley still can’t believe he lost a bet to his sister – one that involved putting on a uniform and cleaning other people’s houses for his sister’s maid business. His career as a Hollywood leading man is just starting to take off and now he’s stuck scrubbing toilets for the next four weeks! But a bet is a bet and as long as the press doesn’t get wind of what he’s up to, he is game. When a stunning but frazzled woman opens the door to the house he’s cleaning, Bryan knows he’s toast.

Beth Hamilton has her hands full as a widow with five kids, a cat, a hamster and an insanely hyper dog. Her friends have paid for her to have some help for four weeks and when she opens the door and finds movie star Bryan Manley on her doorstep, in an awful uniform that shows off all his best assets, Beth isn’t quite sure how to handle it. Her kids are instantly drawn to Bryan and since this is the first time they have had any type of happiness since her husband’s death and the subsequent investigation, Beth doesn’t want to take that away.

One thing to note about this series is that even though the brothers each get their own story, they are all set during the same four week period, which I liked. There was mention of things that were going on at the same time in the other two books and it is neat to get those scenes from more than one perspective.

Beth’s husband was a pilot that died in a horrific accident two years earlier. His name was dragged through the mud in the press and they were hounded and harassed by media which just added to the kids’ trauma. Because of this, Beth wants to keep all parts of Bryan’s life away from her kids, but she can’t deny her attraction to him. For the first time in two years, she’s feeling like a woman instead of just being a mother, friend, teacher, etc. and of course it has to be with a movie star that every woman lusts after.

While he finds Beth hot as hell, and he can’t stop thinking about getting her naked, a wife and kids in suburbia is not what Bryan had in mind. Especially a ready-made family with five kids. The problem is that the more time he spends with the kids and Beth, the more he wants forever. He gets Beth’s place in order and fixes all the things that her husband never had the chance to get to. Bryan also jumps in with her children and cannot deny that he’s developing feelings for the whole family.

Overall this was a predictable but enjoyable read if you are looking for something on the lighter side. The hero and heroine were both great and the kids were adorable and sweet. You can definitely pick this one up without having read the previous two and you won’t be lost at all. I cannot wait to read Mac’s story!

Rating: B

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What a Woman Needs
by Judi Fennell
Release Date: June 3, 2014
Publisher: Berkley


  1. Shelly Browne says:

    Nice review. I have book 1 in my TBR. I’ll have to give that one a go.

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