Review: When a Scot Ties the Knot by Tessa Dare

when a scot ties the knotReviewed by Jen

I loved this book! It is funny and charming, sexy and romantic.  The characters are fabulous. The pacing is spot on. There’s a love story I can believe in and an ending that totally satisfies. What more can you want?

Madeline loves living a quiet, solitary existence. She doesn’t need to be alone necessarily, but she hates to be surrounded by people. Crowds make her panic and the idea of coming out amid crushing balls simply terrifies her. So she invents a foreign paramour who conveniently has to leave the country and serve as a soldier before anyone in her family can meet him. She picks a name out of thin air: Captain Logan MacKenzie, and she precedes to write him letters to keep up appearances. She thinks the missives will end up in a dead letter office, so they become a diary of a sort, sharing the details of her ruse, and later, her life.  Of course, she has no idea there actually is a soldier by that name, who comes to receive every single one of the letters she sends over several years time.

Eventually Madeline wants to give up the lie. She tells everyone that Logan is dead and she retires to an old Scottish castle willed to her, so she can “mourn” properly. Imagine her surprise when the real Logan shows up at her door, demanding a wedding. You see, he is responsible for his fellow soldiers who have nowhere to go after the war. Madeline’s castle seems like the perfect solution. He threatens to expose her lies unless she agrees and becomes his wife.

Now it might sound like Logan is a big jerk, but he’s not. He’s a good man and despite the circumstances, both Madeline –and I– had no choice but to fall for him. He is so loyal and true to his broken band of warriors. And despite his belief that he has no heart, his hard shell only stands to cover up a warm, gooey center.

Madeline, meanwhile, is engaging and smart. But what I love most about her is how she knows herself so well. How she can deconstruct Logan’s behaviors into the building blocks of a romantic fantasy, despite her best intentions to think with her head. He is supposed to be this big strong warrior, but her heart can’t resist all the things that make him vulnerable. I loved watching them fight the sweet emotional connection between them… and the sexual fire that kept pulling them closer together.

The romance is soooo good.  The secondary characters, like Madeline’s aunt and Logan’s amnesiac friend, are well drawn and interesting. But what really seals the deal is how effortless Tessa Dare makes it all feel. It’s so funny that I laughed out loud, but it never felt forced.  Neither did the romance. Or anything at all about this book.

It was a hit with me on every level. I would definitely recommend.

Rating: A

*ARC provided by Avon

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When a Scot Ties the Knot
by Tessa Dare
Release Date: August 25, 2015
Publisher: Avon


  1. Love the gooey center comment 😉

  2. I had a fun time with this one as well!! Great thoughts on this. There were many fun and cute moments between these two.

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